Guest Editorial: The Sage (Bill O’Sullivan) provides some straight talk about the Tx-249 Taxway (Tollway); it’s more taxation

Front row, left to right: Sage Bill O’Sullivan, Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC President Julie Turner, Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC Vice President Jon Bauman; in back, State Representative Mark Keough.


 Talk about all that follows and what a scam the Tx-249 tollway is.
Start with time and use of money. Even with revenue bonds, money has to go out and has already gone out to pay for this project. Money has cost. The clock will be ticking until these bond’s are redeemed and paid off. Right now they are talking about a road to College Station as if that’s being built now. It isn’t. It will proceed like all State Roads proceed, a section at a time. The Montgomery County tolled section is only a little more than 3 miles and is to Pinehurst. That is two miles south of 1774 & 1488. The road has to first go around Magnolia and get to Todd Mission. That distance is 9 Miles. Six of those are in Montgomery County. Since Montgomery County’s government is paying and tolling the three miles from the Harris County Line, why are we only permitting the State to build and Toll the six miles in Montgomery County from Pinehurst to Todd Mission? It’s twice the mileage.
It is because by a 3 to 2 margin the Commissioners Court wants to tax through tolls. Mobility is incidental. The taxes are the goal. If it’s good enough for the State through a toll road to pay for 6 miles of road in Montgomery County, why can’t it pay for the other 3 miles? The journey continues.
The road will then go from Todd Mission to Plantersville and end at 105. That’s almost six more miles. At State Highway 105, your problems compound. It is the major east- west roadway in both Montgomery and Grimes County. Right now, it’s only two lanes with some passing zones for the 15 miles to TX-6. You likely cannot use it as the Right of Way for the Aggie Highway as the disruption to 105 will be too great. Most likely you will have to go direct from Plantersville to the intersection of TX-6 and SH-90 in Navasota and then on to College Station. Eminent Domain will have to be used which is time consuming.
There is no reason to continue the Tolls on the three miles of road under dispute once the road is paid for. The State is already planning on building and tolling the six miles of road above Pinehurst in Montgomery County. So this issue is not about preventing the State from tolling and receiving the proceeds in Montgomery County. This is just a tax by another name because certain Commissioners and the Judge are dancing as fast as they can, because of the Tax Revolt brought about by the appraisal increases. That has also put increased focus on their spending habits which is where the appraisal problem lies.



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