Guest Editorial: the Magnolia ISD August 14 tax hike referendum represents failure of the school district’s leadership

Conservative leaders Kelli Cook (left) and Ginger Russell (right) are leading an uphill fight against the Magnolia ISD’s August 14 tax hike referendum.

Kelli Cook and Ginger Russell, Guest Editorialists

Publisher’s Note: The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper endorses the position which Cook and Russell explain in this editorial. The Magnolia Independent School District’s August 14 tax hike referendum represents a failure all the way around for the money-hungry ISD’s administration. It’s not “for the children.” In reality, this proposed tax hike is “against the children.”Quite frankly, both Cook and Russell have done an amazing job opposing this referendum. Ginger Russell, in particular, has invested massive time, treasurer, sweat, blood, and tears in her work to oppose this referendum, in what clearly is an uphill battle against an entrenched education establishment in Magnolia. Russell is akin to King Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae.

This monument to Leonidas at the Thermopylae Pass at Loutra in Greece looks very similar to Ginger Russell fighting the great fight against the Magnolia establishment.

While families are taking end of summer vacations and school shopping, Magnolia ISD is hoping that property owners will be too busy to vote on the tax hike election and they can successfully turn out their base for a summer time tax heist.

Early voting has ended but property owners have ONE last chance to make their voices heard on Tuesday, August 14th 7 am-7 pm

The voters are being presented with two choices on Tuesday.  They can approve a permanent tax rate increase that will never go away and will intensify the predatory appraisals every year.  Or they can vote NO and send a message to Magnolia ISD and all taxing entities watching that enough is enough!  The tax payers are reaching a full revolt!  

We took a stand in commissioner’s court when we found out the dirty little secret of the hidden homestead exemption. We demanded homeowner’s get the full 20% exemption and we got it! 

We believe Magnolia ISD school board members will get the message too, if we can alert enough people get to the polls and demand fiscal restraint by voting NO on the tax rate increase.  Taxing entities big and small need to come to the realization that the tax payers will no longer tolerate these abuses.  

Voter’s in Klein ISD recently defeated the same kind of wasteful off-season election, a tax ratification election.  In other words, a tax hike election not held on a uniform election date.  If we can reach enough voters in Magnolia ISD by Tuesday, August 14th this tax hike election will be defeated also.   Standalone election like this cost the tax payers up to $50,000.  Bond and tax hike elections should be held in November to give the voters a chance to study the issue presented to them.

The school district is promising to perform an underhanded accounting trick called the “penny swap” to make people feel good about voting for a permanent tax rate increase.  While asking voters to approve a ten cent rate increase in the Maintenance and Operations rate, which is legally binding.  They are promising to lower the Interest and Sinking rate by ten cents which is nothing more than a pinky promise that can be raised later WITHOUT voter approval. This is the part that Magnolia iSD board members are not telling you.

Unlike a bond election that is supposed to eventually get paid off. A tax ratification election is a permanent tax rate hike that will never go back down and will continue to rise with appraisals. It is also a blank check to spend your hard earned money on whatever they want.


Tuesday, August 14 ELECTION DAY 7 am-7 pm

Precinct – 13, 18, 28, 29, 65, 66 – vote at Magnolia JH

Precinct – 3, 6, 34, 61, 69, 76, 81, 89 – vote at Bear Branch JH

Precinct – 30, 74, 90 – vote at Magnolia HS

Precinct – 9, 91 – vote at Magnolia West HS

Call Montgomery County Election office for any questions on voting locations,

or to find out YOUR precinct


For more information find us on FB @ It’s OK to vote no Magnolia ISD.                  



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