Guest Editorial: Paul Gebolys on “The cost of NOT voting” for Laura Fillault for Woodlands Township on Tuesday

Republican political activist and Precinct Chairman Paul Gebolys.

PAUL GEBOLYS, Guest Writer

The voter turnout at early voting has been quite low.  Low turnout allows a dedicated few to swing an election away from the will of the majority.  That is what is happening in the current election for the position 7 seat on the Woodlands Township Board.

A well financed cadre of progressives wants to reorganize our community by placing a stealth candidate on that board.  She is a well spoken but dangerous candidate named Carol Stromatt. She speaks with all the well crafted and misleading evasiveness of Hillary Clinton.  Carol is a financial backer of Hillary. Like Hillary she caters to special interests while the general public hardly notices that there is an election wrapping up Tuesday the 7th.

If you would like The Woodlands to become a sanctuary city for illegal workers who drive down the wage scale for hard working legal residents, stay home and don’t vote. Carol Stromatt travelled to our state capitol to demonstrate her support of sanctuary cities.

If you believe that women and girls have no rights of privacy and safety in school showers or store changing rooms, but the special interests of the hundreds of registered sex offenders in Montgomery County, or anyone else who feels like being a girl that day, should get special rights to peruse those previously safe areas for girls and women, stay home and don’t vote. Carol registered at the state capitol in favor of letting men into such previously safe areas for women and girls.

If you believe that more roads should dissect The Woodlands to profit developers outside The Woodlands, stay home and don’t vote.  Carol was for the Woodlands Parkway Extension, but now when facing the voters she crafts her answer to sound as if she is against that plan.

If you think your tax dollars should be squandered on ”diversity training” that focuses on special groups in our community that was designed by George Mitchell from day one to be a home town for all people from the widest diversity of economic, social, religious, groupings, stay home and don’t vote. The incumbent, Laura Fillault fought on The Woodlands Township Board to be inclusive of all people, not just special interests. Carol panders to the divisions in any community.

If you are willing to have the “progressive” voice and vote of Carol Stromatt represent you as a director of The Woodlands Township, sit back and relax.  But if you are opposed to any of the above mentioned radically progressive agendas, your vote is needed on Tuesday November 7th.  Vote for Laura Fillaut.



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