Guest Editorial: Michael Aikins, Some “Grand Reforms” to make government work for us rather than against us

Publisher’s Note: In response to our editorial “What are the grand reforms to make Texas government work for us,” The Golden Hammer, April 21, 2021,, Michael Aikins wrote this very thoughtful response.
Michael Aikins, Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer
It is ironic that you publish this article, at this specific time. In an attempt to following the State Legislature, the best I can anyway, we see the Governor & Lt. Governor moving further away from the people on what appears to be down a path of self serving, rather than being servitudes for the people of Texas. Some of us saw this coming when they publicly released their priority lists for the 87th Session. Similar with the Federal levels of government, the state levels are now becoming more and more detached from the very citizens they are supposed to be serving.
In perfect timing your question to us is, “what are the Grand Reforms to make government work for us rather than against us?” 
  • Servitude: Possibly remind elected officials that they have been elected by the people to serve them, and them only. Not to pursue political advancements, or special interests groups. The people have entrusted them to carry this out.  
  • Accountability: citizens are held accountable to conform to hundreds of Municipal, County, State & Federal rules, regulations & laws every single day. Not just accountable to the enforcing agencies, but accountable to society as well. Elected officials should be held accountable to those citizens whom their decisions are going to affect as well, rather than the mindset of affecting only their districts.
  • Morals: Growing up we were exposed to certain cultural activities. These activities laid the foundation for our beliefs, values and principles which we would live by going forward. Our leaders must stand firm on their morals and not waiver. If they run on a platform of valuable morals, then waiver half way through their terms only to give in to the populous, this indecisiveness has ruined their creditability, leaving the voters feeling betrayed. 
  • Faith and Grace: We as a society, should show a little Grace to others as none of us are as righteous as we’d like to be. We should learn to place our faith back into Almighty God at all times as opposed to worldly solutions when times get confusing, make us anxious and fearful. 
  • Division: We, officials and the citizens, should strive to look through the fog of division and strive to come together. Knowing that being different, having different in opinions, believing in different things is the norm. We should turn our attention away from the 2-Party establishment, as this is causing divisions and clouding sound decision making. 
In summation, in reviewing the data you collect from this article I believe you will find overwhelmingly that the problems of today are not party problems, rather people problems.
Michael Aikins lives in Conroe. He is Chairman of the Texas Conservative Party, an affiliate of the Conservative Party USA.



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