Guest Editorial: LSGCD Board member and candidate Webb Melder on “SJRA’s Water Monopoly in a Nutshell”

Former Conroe Mayor and current Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board member Webb Melder.

Publisher’s Note: Former Conroe Mayor Webb Melder has become a property rights and water rights advocate for the citizens of Montgomery County. He currently sits as the most vocal member of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors as a vocal dissenter to the LSGCD’s over-regulation of groundwater and efforts to force citizens to purchase surface water instead from monopolist San Jacinto River Authority.

SJRA’s Water Monopoly in a Nutshell by Webb Melder, Guest Editorialist

The first casualty of any war is Truth.  However, uncomfortable Truths do remain uncomfortable.
History does not entrust the care of our Freedom, liberty or Constitutional rights to the weak or timid.
These sacred rights are not inevitable and must be protected. Acknowledging this is the first step towards evaluating the incestuous relationship between San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) and Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD), and the lengthy propaganda war these two state agencies have waged against the good citizens of Montgomery county, all at the taxpayers expense.  Unfortunately, fear is often more powerful than the Truth.
We must recognize the public’s ( mis ) understanding of the SJRA/LSGCD “Forced” groundwater reduction reality has been shaped by the slick propagandist public relations efforts of both SJRA and LSGCD together with the media organs who are either controlled or heavily influenced by government agencies, as well as SJRA’s/LSGCD’s generously paid consultant allies who conveniently avoid, or make absent the inconvenient Truth or details that challenge or disprove their hidden agendas in order to deceive the public for the sole purpose of achieving self interested goals at the citizens’ expense.
This is undeniably true regarding the “ forced” groundwater reduction surface water conversion by these two state agencies, SJRA/LSGCD, which have led to unnecessary skyrocketing water bills for the good citizens of Montgomery County. In some cases, they’ve forced citizens to pay for something and get nothing.
This Academy Award-winning fiasco by these two state agencies is being described by many as a blatant and arrogant government overreach of constitutionally protected rights.



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