Guest Editorial: Local sage O’Sullivan comments about major thoroughfares in Commissioners Precinct 2

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), left, seeks advice from the sage, Bill O’Sullivan, right.

BILL O’SULLIVAN, Guest Editorial

Two years ago, I was advocating the widening of 1488 to start to clear up the Magnolia Mess, the biggest traffic mess in the County. Particularly important because it is only the second East to West Road from I-45, along with SH 105. It’s a very important artery. The Grand Parkway helps a bit but is not as relevant.

Instead, Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley et al were struggling to get built a road from Woodlands Parkway to SH 249 which we now know is unbuildable as designed because of FCC regulations. (Shouldn’t we be getting a refund from the Engineers that designed that unrealizable boondoggle?) What Charlie says is critically needed now, never entered the discussion in 2015.

One of Charlie’s potential opponents [Publisher’s Note: local business man Brian Dawson, as The Golden Hammer confirmed with O’Sullivan] next March recently criticized Charlie for not pushing 1488 in 2015. That person was on the same page with Charlie at the same time.

Additionally, this whole 249 scam was always unneeded versus other more pressing requirements of the County. However, neither Charlie nor his potential opponent will mention its lack of critical need or consumption of much needed resources for more deserving mobility projects.

However, blaming Charlie for this oversight misses the Elephant in the Room which is the performance of Charlie’s predecessor [County Judge Craig Doyal, who was the Commissioner of Precinct 2 at the time] who not only did not clear up the problem but likely worsened it, all while having the $60 Million in “Pass through Funds” available for use. Charlie was in Office less than 100 days before the 2015 bond was called.



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