Guest Editorial: “Lipstick on a Pig” with Rebuttal to Doyal, by Commissioner James Noack

(Commissioner Noack’s rebuttal comments to a recent editorial of County Judge Craig Doyal are in bold and all caps. The remainder of the editorial Noack had previously published.)

Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack (R-The Woodlands)

Judge Doyal and Commissioner Riley are forceful and hubristic in their intent to destroy the community with the Woodlands Parkway extension. Judge Doyal has wasted your tax dollars on a project many never wanted. *** DOYAL USES A 2005 ‘SUBCOMMITTEE CHAMBER RESOLUTION TO CLAIM WE WANT THIS WASTEFUL PROJECT. HE FAILED TO MENTION THE BOND FAILED BECAUSE OF IT***He then used the fact the he had already secured the rights of way as a reason to build the extension. These elected men even tried to convince you that no one would use the extension to get to the Woodlands or IH 45 and that it would not increase traffic in the neighborhoods, where children walk and bike to school. ***HE DIDNT DENY ANY OF THIS***

These two men held the May 2015 road bond hostage when they doomed a much needed bond to failure by arrogantly including the controversial extension. After suffering a humiliating defeat, instead of exercising good judgement and vowing to listen to the people, they doubled down. Commissioner Riley stated that he would oppose a November 2015 road bond and that “I will include Woodlands Parkway extension on any bond that I agree to.” Judge Doyal claimed that he didn’t know why the bond referendum failed and stated that it isn’t clear what project or issue caused its failure. Both Doyal and Riley blamed the loss on “misinformation” instead of recognizing and accepting responsibility for the epic failure. ***DOYAL DIDN’T DENY THIS***

Doyal extols the virtue of the Woodlands Parkway extension by repeating the adage that “it has been on the major thoroughfare plan for over 30 years.” Now, Commissioner Riley and Judge Doyal are moving forward with a new pathway that they claim is NOT the new Woodlands Parkway extension – it’s Mansions Way. This new pathway, Mansions Way, is just 2100 feet south of the Woodlands Parkway and FM 2978 intersection and it dead ends into an apartment complex. ***DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE HE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS. THESE TWO ARE TIED AT THE HIP***

It would be beneficial to share the traffic study that warrants this road with the community. ***THEY ARE MOVING FORWARD WITH SURVEYING AND ENGINEERING, A STUDY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BEFOREHAND TO PROVE IT’S NEEDED.***If this proposed Mansions Way road is intended to alleviate traffic on FM 1488 or Harden Store Rd, it is highly likely that a bottleneck will occur as drivers seek access onto the Woodlands Parkway via FM 2978. This bottleneck would likely negate any improvements in the FM 2978/Woodlands Parkway intersection that are intended with the FM 2978 construction that is currently in progress. If this road is not intended to alleviate west-east traffic flow and is only to be for local access to FM 2978, then Pine Ln, an existing street just 368 feet south of the proposed Mansions Way, should be considered along with intersecting streets for upgrading for the local community residents’ use. ***I GUESS DOYAL DOESN’T KNOW THAT WHOLE AREA FLOODS***

Because Riley and Doyal have not publicly discussed this new road or why the Woodlands Parkway extension was moved, we only have rumor and hearsay leading the discussion. When leaders fail to meet the test of transparency, this is the result. I hope Commissioner Riley and Judge Doyal will openly discuss the need for this new road, explain why the Woodlands Parkway extension alignment has changed (it’s rumored the radio towers are in the way), provide rights of way and construction costs, explain how the road will be paid for (along with the new community center), and share the plans for the use of the previously purchased rights of way for the Woodlands Parkway extension. ***HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST AND HOW WILL IT BE PAID FOR***

Commissioner Riley and Judge Doyal had the opportunity to address these questions and more at the January 10th Commissioners Court meeting. Instead of getting in front of the issue, they decided to bury it in the agenda and move forward. This may be the solution to an issue that plagues the community or this may be a disaster in waiting, without open dialogue and engineering analysis being released we will never know. What I know, being the Commissioner of Precinct 3, is that it is disingenuous to call this project anything other than the Woodlands Parkway extension. ***HE DID’T DENY THEY HAVE FAILED TO COMMUNICATE THEIR PLAN NOR THAT ITS A REPLACEMENT FOR THE FAILED EXTENSION ATTEMPT***




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