Guest Editorial: Jon Paul Bouche, “Help! How do I tell if I’ve received a fake voter guide?”

The remarkably talented Jon Paul Bouche has a successful insurance agency and is also a real estate agent. He’s a conservative leader who is running for GOP Precinct Chairman in Precinct 35 (Oak Ridge North). Bouche is also a talented musician and the lead singer in Johnny and the Spinsations.

JON PAUL BOUCHE, Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer

If you have made a trip to your mailbox lately, you understand that the political season is upon us.  Every day, my mailbox is packed with political advertisements where every candidate claims to be the most “conservative” while touting a list of endorsements from various groups, many of which I have never even heard of.   So, as a Republican voter, how do you know which candidate to trust and how can you discern which voter guides are merely clever deceptions paid for by nefarious people who are trying to buy these elections? Well, there is a simple, foolproof way to tell if you are being bamboozled and here it is…..

First, let’s talk about toll roads.  The Republican Party of Texas platform states:

“Toll Road funding – We oppose the use of taxpayer money to subsidize, guarantee, prop-up, or bail out any toll projects, whether public or private, and we call upon both state and federal lawmakers to adequately fund our highways without hidden taxes, tolls, or raiding emergency funds.”

So, there it is.  The Republican Party of Texas says, “no” to toll roads.  So doesn’t it make sense that any candidate supporting toll roads in any form or fashion would not be endorsed by any respectable Republican organization?  You just can’t be a Republican organization and be against the Republican Platform. 

For the voters of Montgomery County, it is pretty simple to spot fake voter guides.  To be clear, any guide that represents itself as a Republican voter guide while endorsing Craig Doyal is clearly a fake voter guide.  Oh sure, they may sprinkle in some strong “conservative” candidates on their voter guide to provide camouflage for Craig Doyal but make no mistake, Doyal is NOT a “conservative” and this is evidenced by the fact that he is currently pursuing and defending several toll road projects in Montgomery County.  He is also under criminal indictment for allegedly violating the Texas Open Meetings Act which means that he was illegally conducting county business outside of public scrutiny.   Does this sound like someone who can be trusted to represent the public interest? What kind of organization would endorse someone like this?

So, if you receive any voter guide that endorses Craig Doyal, I would suggest that you throw it in the recycling bin where it belongs.  The Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC and the Montgomery County Tea Party each have a strict vetting process to ensure that grassroots conservative Republicans are on their voter guides and these organizations are based right here in Montgomery County.  Their representatives are at the polls, and you can get a voter guide there if you have not received one in the mail.

Early voting has already started and I hope that you will make your voice heard.  Please vote for conservative candidates who will protect the interest of the citizens of Montgomery County with honor, integrity and a fidelity to the Republican Party of Texas Platform. 

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The opinions which Mr. Bouche has expressed within this Guest Editorial are ones which The Golden Hammer shares entirely.



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