Guest Editorial: Gregory Parker, “The Trans Delusion Poised to Harm Others”

Guest Editorial: Gregory Parker, “The Trans Delusion Poised to Harm Others”

Image: The selfishness of the trans movement is breathtaking.

Guest Editorial Gregory Parker

“The ‘transgender’ movement is a clear illustration of anti-intellectual advocacy and the outright antithetical position to any facts and basic science. All in an effort to give societal acceptance to a mental disorder enveloped in a socialist theory.”[1]

Recent developments with the Texas father losing his case to stop his ex-wife from forcing their 7 year old son to undergo what amounts to chemical castration in her effort to perpetuate the delusion of transgenderism has put the myopic anti-intellectual Trans advocacy back into the forefront.

Before I delve into this voluminous  topic, I feel it prudent to present an analogy. It is late August in Texas, you and a friend are sitting outside in the 100-degree weather. You tell your friend that you are hot, which is quite evident given the 100-degree temperature and your profuse sweating.  Your friend, who is seated by your side in a bulky overcoat and winter boots, replies that he feels cold and sees snow all around. The question now becomes; do you assume there was something mentally amiss with your friend and endeavor to seek professional medical attention for him, do nothing, or would you appease his delusion of snow and cold, accept it as reality, grab your winter apparel and join in the slow march toward dehydration and maybe even death.

While this analogy may seem simplistic in its construct, it is formidable in what it communicates.  Just because someone feels a certain way does not make it a fact, further to accept those feelings as objective reality, even when presented with facts and evidence to the contrary, can lead not only to their demise but yours as well.[2] This is the choice that we as a society are now forced to make. Let me explain.

There have been numerous examples of the clearly anti-intellectual, self-absorbed transgender movement using the battering ram of PC Marxist political correctness to push for societal acceptance of the ‘trans’ mental disorder enveloped in a socialist theory. Yet, the latest volley in the lefts war against basic biology, pushing such delusions on their children and medical professionals, is tad amount to child abuse and could lead to the death of others.

We are all aware of the Texas father’s desperate battle to keep his 7-year-old son from undergoing forced gender transition or hormone replacement therapy, championed by the boys mother.

“The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts–not ideology–determine reality.”

Given the permanence of this procedure, the young age of the boy and the American College of Pediatricians statement condemning gender reclassification in children, stating that transgenderism in children amounts to child abuse, we can see the fathers anguish.

A trans activists, Toby Sinbad Walker, a woman masquerading as a man, demanded that medical institutions put her first over cancer patients. She took to Twitter to complain  that breast cancer patients were getting mastectomies before self-identified transgender people.

Even though, for breast cancer patients mastectomies can often be a matter of life or death, she would rather the cancer patients wait for her, while she is seeking a non life threatening cosmetic surgery due to her mental disorder of gender dysphoria.

In Canada, “Jack” Biamonte, a biological woman masquerading as a man is demanding the Canadian Blood Services change their screening policy because she claims to have endured an “embarrassing experience.”  What did the Canadian Blood Services do you ask? The staff explained to her she needed to answering the screening questions, with her “sex assigned at birth,” or answering them as a women.  This was apparently quite traumatic for her. “It was just reinforced, ‘You were born female; we have to consider you female,’” Biamonte said.

The Canadian Blood Services noted in its response that “trans men born female are screened as women and questioned about pregnancies, as donors who have had a pregnancy are more likely to have antibodies in their blood that may cause a rare but potentially fatal complication in a recipient.” Therefore, the policy of the Canadian Blood Services, which is based on scientific evidence, is in place to protect citizen from a potentially fatal situation. Yet, the self-absorbed, self-delusional transgender movement and Biamonte specify, are willing to risk our lives in pursuit of their totalitarian agenda.

Unlike our local Montgomery County, Texas government that has supported the transgender delusion, to include transgender adoption, Governor Abbott has called upon CPS and the state’s Atturney General to weight in on the Texas fathers case. I further call upon the Texas legislation to restrict such hormone treatments to adults 18 or over and to require biological gender be the basis for all medical procedures.

We, as a society, are now faced with a choice: do we do nothing or do we appease these trans delusions and accept them as reality, bringing about our societal demise and the traumatization of our children? Or do we stand up for the truth,  basic biology and facts? I’m going to stand for truth.

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