Guest Editorial: Gregory Parker, Ph.D., “Truth is Under Attack”

Guest Editorial: Gregory Parker, Ph.D., “Truth is Under Attack”

Truth is Under Attack

Gregory Parker, Ph.D., Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer

“Intellectual honesty demands that we accept facts that we would sometimes like to wish away. Hard truths are truths nonetheless…” [1] ~ Jim Nelson Black

In today’s politics and media, the idea of truth seems to be a foreign contract written in pencil, quickly erased, then rewritten to suit the narrative or agenda of those seeking political power. Critical thinking and truth are inconvenient nuisances hampering the pursuit of a socialist collective agenda. Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen we are in a war to destroy the truth. This culture war has created the perfect space and fertile breeding ground for recruiting and producing advocates seeking to perpetuate socialism and servitude on the masses against a backdrop of lies.  Such advocates and their self-delusion lies, no matter how absurd, must be believed and accepted by everyone regardless of the cost to truth and authenticity, which has given way to a social climate where subjective personal versions of reality are somehow equivalent to the objective truth.

Discerning the Truth

Truth is “a state of being or statement in accordance with facts and reality.” ~ Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

With such a climate of lies, how do you discern the truth? We can all recall Hollywood stars and political elites’ lecturing us and repeating the statement claiming we as individuals should live “our truth” or live “your truth.” These statements, while cute, reduce truth and objective facts to nothing more than slogans of subjective relativism. The term “our truth” or “your truth” typically negates one or both of the foundational elements of truth, facts, or reality. For example, while a transwoman may be living “his truth” as a woman, the deception of appearance may be a fact, but the reality is there is no possible way he can be or ever become a woman.

Critical thinking skills are essential to discern the facts and or reality of truth. Since subjective relativism and emotions have become the new benchmark for truth, critical thinking is needed to distinguish the difference. While the subject of critical thinking is indeed complex, and several different definitions may exist, in general, critical thinking is the rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis or evaluation of factual evidence (truth) to form a judgment. Therefore, critical thinking should allow individuals to put aside emotion from an argument and weigh just the facts or reality. However, the society of today has lost the ability to think critically.

According to a study by MindEdge, a learning company founded by Harvard and MIT educators, a large majority of college-educated Americans could not pass a basic, nine-question critical thinking skills test. The test was designed to detect adults’ ability to perceive and critically review news stories; only 9 percent could do so correctly. This apparent inability to think critically has implications given that 54 percent of American get their news from social media and non-mainstream sources.[2]

This inability to think critically does not allow individuals to evaluate bias or manipulation (lies) in the media. For example, few realize that former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin never uttered the words “I can see Russia from my house.” While attributed to Sarah Palin, that statement was coined by Tina Fay in an SNL skit and pushed by the media that outright lies to achieve its goals. Democrat Congressman Schiff has been proven to repeatedly lie to promote the impeachment of former  President Trump and the Russian conspiracy narrative, yet he is still brought on leading talk shows to provide his analysis. It amazes me to hear people claim Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh is a sexual predator. These individuals rely solely on media accounts of his conformation, even though every woman’s version of events from 30 years ago has been refuted and proven false.

They Want You to Forget Truth (Reality)

As per the definition of truth stated above, there is an element of reality that must be present. In today’s political climate, that element of reality is expected, if not demanded to be dismissed from the conversation altogether. The transgender community would like for all Americans to dismiss from reality that a man cannot become pregnant. Further, they have changed the facts of the issues to correlate to that subjective relativism and emotion. I.E., if you “feel” like a woman, you are a woman and can become pregnant. The reality waters of truth have become further mudded by some such statements as “what is a woman?”

This rise in the socialist, politically correct culture has the truth purposely convoluted or outright suppressed. Unsurprisingly, with the rise of socialism in America and the thirst for power at all levels of government, truth has taken a backseat to said political power. In a socialist society, the only “power” worth having is political power. The government relies on propaganda, intimidation, and domestic spying to discredit, bully and eliminate possible opposition to consolidate that political power.[3] Today, we see this in our government with the creation of the Federal Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, cited by critics as President Biden’s Ministry of Truth[4]. A reference from George Orwell’s book 1994.


If the truth is mandated and enforced by the government, from which there is no alternative and no appeal, respect for truth is destroyed. Once socialist ideology takes over and respect for actual truth is destroyed, then all morals are assaulted because all morality is based on respect for the truth.[5] In today’s society this is where we are at. Respect for the truth is low, the media is intenally perverting the facts and demanding American ignore reality.

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Gregory Parker, Ph.D., is Chief Executive Officer of CGT Capital Group, L.L.C., and served as a Comal County Commissioner for eight years. He lives in Conroe, Texas.



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