Guest Editorial from Tech Guru Bill Brenza: “Montgomery County Elected Officials are Shooting Themselves in the Foot”

Technology guru Bill Brenza’s foot posed for this illustration.
Bill Brenza, Guest Editorialist
Dictionary definition of “to shoot (oneself) in the foot”: “To damage or impede one’s own plans, progress, or actions through foolish actions or words.”
Most of the elected officials in Montgomery County have decided to remain neutral regarding the current turmoil besetting the Montgomery County Republican Party. By doing so, they are damaging their and other Republicans’ chances of winning in 2020. Ergo, shooting oneself in the foot. Some of these politicians may not want to be identified with the Tea Party (conservative) members of the party. But, they need to remember that those Tea Party members were the ones blockwalking and handing out voters guides at the polls. Not the “Ladies that Lunch” that Wally Wilkerson so proudly claims as allies.
The Democrats have taken Harris, Fort Bend and many other suburban counties. Without real work and support Montgomery County will also fall to the well-funded and well-organized Democrats. As this process unfolds, we will find that some of our county officials are really closet big government liberals masquerading as Republicans so they can get elected. The turncoat High School Republican Club that supported Democratic candidates in 2018 has proven that we have traitors in our midst.
The November elections are over. 2020 will be here sooner than we think. The time to organize, recruit, fundraise and prepare
for the upcoming blitzkrieg that is surely coming is NOW! I plead, nay I DEMAND, that the elected officials of Montgomery County
stand and be counted! Business as usual and the dependence on county demographics will ultimately be your downfall. Come out of the darkness! Join the fight! Or go and have supper with the ladies that lunch. It may be your last.
Publisher’s Note: Bill Brenza is the President, Director, and Producer of MCP.TV, Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Montgomery County Republican Party, and a technology genius. He’s a retired oil company executive. The moniker “ladies that lunch” is Brenza’s and does not reflect the view of this newspaper. Many Republican women have worked very hard for conservative candidates, although we agree there is a tendency among many supporters of Wilkerson to focus on social gatherings rather than genuine work for the election of candidates who support the Republican Party Platform. Wilkerson and his allies failed to participate in the November 2018 General Election campaign and actually took actions that attempted to harm that campaign. Wilkerson and his allies supported some democrats running on the November 6 ballot.



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