Guest Editorial by Eric Yollick: Gupta and her liberal allies involved in CISD bond election should move past hate, stop destroying civil discourse, veer towards love

Guest Editorial by Eric Yollick: Gupta and her liberal allies involved in CISD bond election should move past hate, stop destroying civil discourse, veer towards love

Image: Even if we politically disagree, let’s choose love amid civil discourse over hatred. Hopefully Rashmi Gupta, Conroe ISD, and her liberal allies will soften their hearts to agree.

Eric Yollick, Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer

I had dinner with some friend who are a law enforcement officers on Tuesday evening, October 29. They all told me they felt appalled at the behavior of Woodlands Township Board candidate Rashmi Gupta and her liberal allies involved in the Conroe Independent School District’s (CISD) $677.3 Million bond election. I asked them what triggered their reactions, and they answered “Watch the last five minutes of Kelli Cook’s Facebook Live video after you [Yollick] left the community center where Gupta tried to get the Sheriff’s Deputies to arrest you.” I hadn’t seen that portion of Cook’s video and wasn’t there for what happened. The law enforcement officers are correct.

With their hate and their destruction of civil discourse, Gupta and CISD are attacking one of the most cherished and fundamental of American values: Free Political Speech.

Just look at Gupta’s behavior:

  • Gupta stealthily covered up the Children’s Hope PAC’s political signs at the Early Voting location with her own signs;
  • Gupta moved and destroyed many of the Children’s Hope PAC’s political signs;
  • When I responded by moving Gupta’s signs in order to allow both sides to get their message through, Gupta called the police and demanded that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrest me; they refused, because it was obvious I was following the Texas Election Code by removing Gupta’s illegally-placed signs;
  • After I left to go back to my office, Gupta made up that I had called her a “Muslim” and a “terrorist” and claimed the police officers should arrest me for “hate speech” when she knew I’ve never used those terms to describe her and respect her Hindu religion enormously. While I don’t like her hateful actions, I’ve never called Gupta a “terrorist” and I have know idea whether she is a terrorist or not.

Just look at CISD’s behavior:

  • CISD has hidden hundreds of pages of information about the $677.3 Million bond and made sure that much of the information available to voters during the May 4 bond election is no longer available to them;
  • CISD has spent more than $500,000 of tax dollars earmarked for education on its political advocacy campaign in the form of mailers, signs, advertisements, text messages to parents over emergency telephone numbers, emails and e-blasts urging parents, teachers, and eligible students to vote for the bond package;
  • CISD has turned school campuses into one-sided political advocacy zones where the school district puts up its own political advocacy signs but takes down any signs with competing ideas;
  • CISD has mongered fear but refused to engage in any civil debate about the bond;
  • CISD has threatened teachers with their livelihoods if they failed to “get the bond passed.”

Both Gupta, her liberal democrat allies, and CISD have done everything they could do utterly to destroy civil discourse about the $677.3 Million bond package.

When, on one modest occasion, I dared to remove a few of Gupta’s and CISD’s political signs with which they had intentionally covered up the political signs of the Children’s Hope PAC (which urges a “NO” vote on the $677.3 Million bond), Gupta and CISD sought to have me arrested first for alleged Election Code violations (which, of course, was false) and then for alleged “hate speech” (which, of course, was even more false).

Gupta, her liberal allies, and CISD clearly stand for the destruction of civil discourse. Their hatred of any philosophical challenge to their blunt force dedication to massive government growth, spending, and taxation is so strong that they cannot recognize how destructive they are of the great and fundamental principle of American political philosophy: all power comes from the American people.

I truly wish that my message of love, of respect, and of hope could easily overwhelm the hard hearts of Gupta, CISD, and the remainder of the left. But it’s not that easy when money and power are central to their fear-mongering.

Nevertheless, I want to be clear: I love Gupta. I love CISD. I love Gupta’s liberal and hateful allies. You are prisoners of your emotions and your power lust. I only wish to set you free into a loving land of civil discourse where ideas and mutual respect dominate the landscape.

Eric Yollick is the founder and former Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper. He is now a private citizen with no titles. Yollick loves everyone in Montgomery County. 





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