Guest Editorial: community leader Beasley has had enough with the taxation and spending policies of the Conroe ISD Board of Trustees

MATTHEW BEASLEY, Guest Columnist

Like many other hard-working people in our wonderful community, I have felt that our local governments were run with a decent level of competency. Therefore, I have simply “written a check” and paid my taxes without complaint. However, my opinion has changed. It has come to the point where I cannot simply just “write a check” to Conroe ISD without criticism.

The Conroe Board of Trustees have demonstrated to me that they will lie to their constituents and simply do not have time to be bothered by tax paying citizens. One board member didn’t know they could request something to be placed on the school board agenda. Another board member told me he wasn’t paid to serve on the CISD board and that having to listen to my concerns gave him a headache. While that sounds pretty remarkable, it is all true. Additionally, I found that they simply do not know the actual policies, procedures or operations of the very thing they were elected to police.

Conroe ISD has over $128 million in their savings account, yet they refuse to provide everyone the same services. In addition, they wouldn’t even consider re-apprising homes that were damaged by tropical storm Harvey to provide those taxpayers some tax relief. You read that right, they wouldn’t even discuss it! Meanwhile, Montgomery County, The Woodlands Township and Montgomery County Hospital District have all requested re-appraisals.

Dr. Stockton has announced his retirement; I wish him well, as he has done a fine job as superintendent. The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees has benefitted from Dr. Stockton’s leadership, and from the trust the community has in his abilities. Many of the Board of Trustees, have little, to no base of support from the community, as they were uncontested in their elections.

Are you curious why one of the largest taxing entities in Montgomery County has no real election process? It seems it’s because the community trusts Dr. Stockton. Moving forward, the CISD Board of Trustees are going to have a tough row to hoe. The days of simply “writing a check” are over, and the Board should act accordingly.

Matthew Beasley lives in The Woodlands with his family. He is a certified peace officer, former Deputy Sheriff in Harris County, and is a road and bridge operations manager. 



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