Guest Editorial and Report, Brian Dawson: Nonprofits got a fair shake from Montgomery County Commissioners Court

Businessman and political analyst Brian Dawson.

Brian Dawson, Guest Writer to The Golden Hammer

Last week Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court passed a historic budget reducing the county’s tax rate to the effective rate and restricting spending increases to that of new growth.  The average home in Montgomery County will realize a reduction in property taxes because of this budget.

For years, many in this county have fought locally and in Austin for property tax reform and relief.  In Montgomery County we realized the fruits of this labor from our county government, but it seems an ugly reality has reared its head.  Not everyone believes in the philosophy of limited government and they will appeal to and abuse the sympathy of the taxpayers of our County to advance their agenda.

The ink had yet to dry on the minutes of the budget hearing before local Democrat Jay Stittleburg and Margie Taylor questioned the bold move.  One of which did so while failing to provide complete information in an attempt to garner support for their big government, high taxes philosophy.

They failed to mention Montgomery County provided Meals on Wheels with a building on April 9, 2019, plus the $1.2 million in renovations at no cost to the organization.  They are scheduled to move into it in September.

They failed to mention Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court cut the tax rate to the effective tax rate for the first time in history, leaving more money in the pockets of tax payers.

They failed to mention these organizations were notified 2-3 years ago this funding would likely be cut and they should take steps to account for the decreased revenue.

There are 300+ non-profits in Montgomery County all doing work to better our community.  Why should county government pick and choose where to give our tax dollars?  This creates a slippery slope potentially sending money to organizations inconsistent with the values of the people of Montgomery County.  Instead, the people of Montgomery now have the opportunity to donate their money to the charities of their choice.

As we prepare for the 2020 election cycle, we are seeing the willingness of Montgomery County’s left working to appeal to the emptions of the hard-working taxpayers of Montgomery County.

They are using deception and misinformation to garner support.  This is how government grows, this is how taxes go up, and this is how communities fail.  See Detroit.

There is no doubt these organizations bring significant value to our community.  But the idea government should be picking winners and losers of funding is the thinking of the left.  Government has a role to fill as do non-profits.  It is not the role of government to fund the non-profits.

The people of Montgomery County now have the ability to decide which non-profits their money goes to, and they can now realize the tax benefit of doing so.



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