Great news: numerous highly qualified applicants seek Deputy County Treasurer’s job

County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport (center), campaign aide Jessica Stark (left), and friend Mindy Mack (right).

Conroe, May 23 – There’s great news for County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport and her department staff of 6. Numerous immensely qualified applicants have applied for the job of Deputy County Treasurer.

On March 14, 2017, Davenport complained to the Commissioners Court that she was having to work long hours and weekends, because the County Treasurer’s Department was understaffed. Davenport had chosen not to fill two vacancies in the Treasurer’s Department for several months seemingly in part because she was reorganizing her 6-person department during that time period. Davenport made a tearful presentation to the Commissioners Court, harshly criticized County Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw for a “huge lack of integrity,” and asked for their approval. The Commissioners Court voted 3 (Doyal, Riley, Meador) to 1 (Clark) to approve the reorganization. Clark expressed reservations since Davenport proposed the reorganization and salary changes in the middle of the year.

Shaw had expressed grave concerns about nepotism in Davenport’s Treasurer’s Department during the reorganization process, because the paperwork that issued from Davenport’s office originally proposed giving Lindsey Doyal, County Judge Craig Doyal’s daughter, a huge promotion and pay raise. Doyal and his “chief of staff” jim fredricks continuously interfered in the Human Resources Department’s review of Davenport’s reorganization.

After the Commissioners Court approved Davenport’s proposal, the County posted the position of Deputy Treasurer for job applications. The results have been magnificent, as some extraordinary applicants have shown an interest in the position.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, obtained the job applications through a Public Information Act/Open Records Act request. In order not to interfere with the hiring process, this newspaper is withholding the names of the applicants, so that Davenport, Shaw, and their staff will more easily have the opportunity to hire one of these wonderful individuals into the $72,900 Deputy Treasurer’s position (earning slightly more than one-half of the compensation, other than benefits, of Mike Meador’s secretary).

The following is a brief description of some of the wonderful applicants for the Deputy Treasurer’s position:

  • A fourth year attorney, graduated from SMU Law School and Hardin Simmons University with a psychology degree
  • An accounting graduate from Sam Houston State University with 15 years of senior accounting experience with major corporations in diverse industries
  • A treasurer for a major oil and gas technology company with 21 years’ accounting experience and a Certified Treasury Professional
  • A bank operations manager with 15 years experience working for a local banking institution
  • A Treasury Manager for another local bank with 17 years’ accounting experience
  • A 9 year senior accounting specialist with extensive computer applications experience
  • A Bachelor of Science graduate from Tulane University with a degree in Finance and Accounting and 22 years of experience as a staff accounting and program manager for a bank, a utility company, and other companies.
  • A senior accountant and billing analyst who worked while she earned her BBA in Accounting at Sam Houston State University
  • Several other people with accounting backgrounds, several senior County employees with management background within the government, experienced treasury analysts.

Davenport and Shaw should have no trouble whatsoever filling the Deputy Treasurer’s position with one of those highly qualified applicants in the very near future.




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