Great Christian conservative leader Betty Anderson reiterates her opposition to Conroe ISD bond, makes other recommendations

Longtime Christian and political activist Betty Anderson.

Conroe and Shenandoah, November 4 – Great Christian conservative leader Betty Anderson has reiterated her opposition to the Conroe Independent School District’s gargantuan $677.3 Million bond package and has re-published her recommendations for voting in the Tuesday, November 5, 2019, General Election.

Anderson issued a statement yesterday by electronic blast to the many thousands of followers who have interest in her recommendations. Anderson’s full statement follows.

NOVEMBER 5, 2019  ELECTION DAY    TUESDAY 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM          

  Election Day Voting Precincts are consolidated, so make sure you go to the correct location. 


Betty Anderson

Precinct 31 GOP Chairman 

My Recommendations

CISD BondMontgomery County Republican Party passed a Resolution opposing the CISD Bonds.

  Prop. A – Against

  Prop. B – Against

Constitutional Amendments

  1 – Against

  2 – Against

  3 – For

  4 – For

  5 – For

  6 – Against

  7 – For

  8 – For (TX Republican Party Platform supports this issue.)

  9 – For

10 – For

The Woodlands Township Board of Trustees

Position 5 – Shelley Sekula-Gibbs  (Republican leader but both of her opponents are registered Democrats.  Montgomery County Republican Party passed a MOTION to ENDORSE Shelley, the only Republican in this race.)

Position 6 – No recommendation – unless Ann K. Snyder  (One of her opponents – Alan Richel – has been a registered Democrat.)

         [However, Ann voted for a TWT budget putting the Township in debt in 2021 & she supports CISD Bonds]

Position 7 – Bob Milner (One of his opponents – David Cassidy – has been a registered Democrat.)

Betty Anderson



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