Grassroots political action committee forms to support County government reform

Freedom & Liberty Conservatives PAC Co-Chairman Jon Bouche of Oak Ridge North.

Conroe, February 16 – A new grassroots political action committee, the Freedom & Liberty Conservatives PAC (“FLC”), has formed to support Montgomery County government reform, as many households in Montgomery County received a mailout supporting the organization’s reform slate of candidates in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election. The FLC told voters in the mailout about “The Magnificent Eight Reformers who will make Montgomery County great again!”

FLC’s website identifies its Co-Chairs, Jon Bouche of Oak Ridge North and Christian Ehmling of Splendora, and the organization’s Treasurer, attorney Maureen Ball who lives in Magnolia. The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, caught up with Bouche, Ehmling, and Ball to ask them some questions about the new organization.

GH: When was this group formed?

Bouche: “The conversations have been going on for some time but the actual filing of the group with the state was very recent and is a matter of public record. We filed with the Texas Ethics Commission in Austin to form our political action committee.”

GH: Why was this group formed?

Bouche: “We support REFORM. People I have met at various political and community events were sitting around and discussing certain candidates and issues in this race for the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, and trying to get away from all of the political noise going on in Montgomery County.  We found that we were having very substantive, objective discussions and we just wanted to find a way to focus on and support certain candidates separate and apart from all of the other political groups and factions in Montgomery County.”

GH: Are you anti-Tea Party?

Ball: Definitely not. Many of our members are also members of certain Tea Party organizations but many are not. 

GH: Who is involved? 

Ehmling: “Several grassroots conservative activists including Jon Bouche, Christian Ehmling, and Maureen Ball.”

GH: Are others involved? 

Bouche: “Yes, many others. There are three of us named as representatives of this group and I am sure that is how you found my name.  The number of people participating in this group has changed since we started and will probably change again. We hope to grow substantially with other reform-minded people joining our cause.”

GH: Who is financing this group? 

Ball: “Everyone involved in this group has put up some money and we continue to seek support from people who appreciate the candidates we support and our views on the issues.”  

GH: What is the philosophy of the group?

Ehmling: “We stand for freedom, liberty, and conservative beliefs.”

GH: Come on, what do you mean by that?

Bouche: “Our website is pretty clear what positions we take.

“As for ‘Freedom,’ the concentration of government power is morally wrong and is only acceptable where free competition doesn’t work. Smaller government makes for greater freedom. Government spending is morally justified only for national security, law enforcement, and infrastructure (where free markets won’t otherwise provide it.)

As for ‘Liberty,’ the Bill of Rights ensures individual liberty. There is no penumbra. Government power comes from the citizens who are the highest level of government. Government officials are public servants. With the limited exception of national security matters, government must be open to public scrutiny at all times.

As for ‘Conservatives,’ ‘conservatives’ support less government spending and lower taxes. No government official should receive any benefit from government other than reasonable compensation for services directly provided.

GH: What’s a “penumbra”?

Ball: “I’ll answer that one. A ‘penumbra’ is a group of rights that supposedly spring from the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution but aren’t actually mentioned there explicitly. The Constitution does not mention a ‘penumbra.’ In fact, The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers support the argument that there is no penumbra. The rights under the Constitution are explicit, or they don’t exist at all.

The ‘penumbra’ argument is how liberals tried to expand the Constitution to include a ‘right to privacy’ that led to the terrible Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade. That’s why we were careful to include that there is no penumbra in our statement of beliefs.

GH: Aren’t your opinions divisive?

Ehmling: “Our Treasurer, Maureen Ball, has insisted that right versus wrong doesn’t depend upon how divisive or not a political position may be. If it’s right, it’s right. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. If some take the foregoing beliefs as divisive, that is no concern to us. We agree with Thomas Jefferson that ‘The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.'”

Ball: “That’s right. Bringing that statement forward to today, all of us must be willing to sacrifice time and energy to redress wrongful acts of the government. Government actors must be removed who do not understand they are servants of the voters and not tyrants. Our slogan is ‘Freedom and liberty…you can never have too much of it.'”

Bouche: “I agree.”

GH: Do you support chaos or anarchy?

Bouche: “No. We don’t support chaos or anarchy.  That is just ridiculous. We simply believe that the United States Constitution says exactly what it means.  We certainly have some lively conversations in our group about many different topics but we all agree that our Liberty comes from God and our government should always seek to ‘secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’  We believe it is time for the people to reduce the size of government and make it fit back inside of our Constitution.”



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