Grassroots conservative Republican activists react positively to Bouche’s debate performance in Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman’s electoral contest

Grassroots conservative Republican activists react positively to Bouche’s debate performance in Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman’s electoral contest

Image: Grassroots conservative Republican activists gathered around Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman candidate Jon Bouche (standing just to the left of the American Flag and wearing suit) after Bouche’s first candidate debate performance where his electoral opponent actually showed up.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, January 8 – Grassroots conservative Republican activists clearly were fired up about Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman candidate Jon Bouche’s debate performance against his electoral opponent, political neophyte Bryan Christ, in the first candidate debate at which Christ actually chose to appear. The two met in a debate, which the Montgomery County Pachyderm Club hosted, at the Shenandoah City Hall on Monday, January 6, 2020, with Harris County Republican Party Chairman Paul Simpson as the moderator.

Several grassroots activists provided interview comments to The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, in which they reflected upon Bouche’s debate performance against his far-less-experienced opponent.

“Jon Bouche showed at the debate tonight that he is the most qualified and knowledgeable candidate to be the next county chairman.  Hands down!” – – Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed.


“Jon Bouche is going to make an outstanding Republican Party Chairman.  He continues to show leadership through his effective recruitment, messaging and fun personality.  His efforts to ward off the democrats that have their eye on this republican stronghold has made Montgomery County a suburban beacon of freedom in the Lone Star State.” – – Montgomery County Republican Party Finance Committee Chair and Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC Chair Kelli Cook.
“The debate between Jon Bouche and Bryan Christ reflected two different approaches to the position of Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman. While each man appears to have the qualifications to perform the statutory duties of the chairmanship, only one had the passion required to go beyond those duties. Jon Bouche has a proven record of working with Montgomery county volunteers to keep Texas Red and conservative as reflected by the success of Montgomery County voters in the 2018 mid terms.  He has been an integral part of the teamwork that was required to ‘GOTV.’ That powerful teamwork kept our county one of the most conservative counties in Texas. Jon’s proven tract record these past couple of years is one of the reasons I will be casting my vote for Bouche and trying to help him get elected as our county chairman.” – – Conservative activist Mary Jo Hudnall.
“The Montgomery County Chairman debate Monday night was informing. It appeared the Jon Bouche focused more on unifying the party and asking everyone to come together to work and promote conservative causes and candidates where his opponet Bryan Christ focused on the party division.  Jon Bouche as usual did an excellent job and to Bouche’s credit has been active working to promote conservative votes. I have had the pleasure of working personally with Jon Bouche for the last couple on years with the Montgomery County Republican Party and he is excellent to work with.” – – Republican Party Area Chair and Precinct Chair Ginger Russell.
“I was pleased to see the huge turnout for this debate, and to hear from both candidates. Bryan Christ made the case that he is an experienced consultant in the information technology industry, but he never explained why he has not been attending any MoCo GOP meetings, and as best I can tell, he’s never been elected to any office (lost his race for Precinct Chair when he ran). Jon Bouche was the polar opposite, describing his extensive experience working with the grassroots here in MoCo – experience that has won him statewide recognition, as he was named the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ for entire Senate District 4. I’m very confident that under Bouche’s experienced leadership, our local Republican Party will come together after the March 3 Primary to work as a unified team to get-out-the-votes for all GOP candidates this November.” – – Renowned Republican activist Kevin Williams.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into the hall.  Overhearing comments and noticing several people wearing red shirts, I soon learned it was their show of solidarity for Dr. Wilkerson and his chosen candidate. It was clear to me that a message was being sent, ‘We are not willing to change.’ At the end of the evening, perhaps their message had softened a bit due to the quality, character, and congeniality of the men in the debate. While Mr. Christ appears to be a good man with some helpful ideas, a gap in enthusiastic conviction and practical experience was evident. Jon Bouche made an articulate case for his thoughtful execution of plans in recent elections. He expounded on the seriousness of our situation and called for unity in the Party. With rabid Democrats nipping at our heals, unity is the only thing that makes sense to me. Mr. Bouche pointed out the validity of implementing the new bylaws and the difference that it made in the 2018 Cruz race–one that was so close, it should stun all of us into the reality of our situation. It is clear, that the time for posturing and politics as usual has passed. We have an enemy banging on our door and we must spend our time only in the most effective, efficient ways possible to keep Montgomery County red.  The Montgomery County Republican Party, one of the few bastions of conservative freedom left in Texas, deserves a seasoned professional who has been in the trenches defending those conservative values. We need a Braveheart, someone surpassing the intellect, intensity and fervor of the enemy. Due to the magnitude of the job and the qualifications of the man, I’m voting for Jon Bouche. May we all lay down our prejudices, unite in this battle and find Victory in 2020.” – – Conservative activist Cheila McKay.

“The debate last night between Jon Bouche and Bryan Christ was a contrast in substance and style.  Jon showed a strong grasp of the absolutely essential elements of being a great county chair leader, but more than that he showed enthusiasm and a vision for what exactly what he wants to accomplish.  Even though Christ seems to be thoughtful and concerned he did not seem to have a well-defined plan to move the Montgomery County Republican Party forward, to grow our base of support.  From Bouche and Christ’s responses it was clear who has been out working to grow the party and who has been thinking about growing the party.  Bouche is the leader that that the Republicans need now.  He indicated in the debate that he has a detailed plan to register voters, knock on doors, reach out to minority groups, and rally the troops to keep the county red.  He not only has the plan he has implemented in 2018 and it worked then and it will work in 2020.” – – Financial planner and conservative activist Charles Shirley.
“I try to not get too wrapped up in formal ‘qualifications’ when it comes to political positions. That is how we end up with career politicians ruling over us. We must remember that the role of the county chairman is to work for ALL of the conservatives in the county to recruit, elect, support, and keep good conservatives in office. And last night we learned that one candidate has been doing just that for years, while the other merely dabbles in it for a select group of establishment candidates. Jon Bouche has earned our trust through his years of hard work for the entire party. That is the reason Jon was named SD4 volunteer of the year. And that is the reason Jon should be our next county chairman.” – – Magnolia area Republican activist Sean Ricker.
“Last night’s debate was between two candidates with backgrounds in business leadership, Bryan Christ and Jon Bouche, vying for the Montgomery County Republican Party Chair in 2020. While Bryan Christ may have periodically been a campaign worker for various Republican candidates, he was not able to provide examples of where he has consistently defended conservative values and ideals in the political arena. In contrast, Jon Bouche gave specific examples of where his time and resources have been given to protect conservative ideals within the local and state Republican Party, such as his voting record in the public offices he currently holds, appearances/participation at county-wide meetings, involvement with SREC, and working to get conservative voters to the polls. Mr. Christ is more comfortable with being a thoughtful observer and offering occasional commentary rather than being an active participant in defending conservative values on a consistent basis. Mr. Bouche has an extensive history of doing what is necessary, continuously self-sacrificing his time and energy, to protect conservative values within the Republican party. Jon Bouche is the Republican Chairman Montgomery County needs for 2020.” – – Conservative activist, highly respected family law attorney, and Treasurer of the Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC Maureen Ball.
“The debate for Republican County Chairman last night showed 2 men with completely different ideas of how the organization should work. While Wilkerson’s hand picked successor Mr. Christ claimed to be nothing more than for unity, he continuously blamed the divide within the party on the simple fact the bylaws adopted June 26, 2018 were the sole cause of division within the party and wanted to rectify that decision by continuing to perpetrate the false narrative that the bylaws were written and adopted within secret. Mr. Christ also claimed that he had helped candidates in different elections. As far as I know he helped Mr. Riley, because his wife was financially vested in helping Mr. Riley. And he helped another candidate for CISD school board, because his wife’s PAC had endorsed said candidate. Mr. Bouche on the other hand has been working tirelessly to unite the party,  While simultaneously working with several candidates in non partisan races all over the county. Mr. Bouche understands the party needs to modernize while also wanting those who claim to be Republicans to follow the party platform. During the debate Mr. Bouche not only exhibited his knowledge but also his experience in unifying and bringing people together. He accurately explained his reasoning behind his belief system as well as his intention and reason for running for this position. Mr. Bouche showed he is the right candidate for the job.” – – Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee Member and Republican Precinct Chairman Adrian Kaiser.




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