Governor Abbott Signs Harvey Recovery Bills, Which Representative Toth Co-Authored

State Representative Steve Toth. 

Houston, June 14 — State Representative Steve Toth (R-Conroe) joined Governor Greg Abbott in Houston on Thursday for the signing of Harvey relief and disaster response related legislation.

The Governor signed H.B. 5 and H.B. 7, which were co-authored by Rep. Toth, and S.B. 6 and S.B. 7.  The measures cumulatively increase debris management and disaster recovery efforts, overhaul disaster preparedness by state agencies and local governments, and provide $1.6 billion for flood planning, mitigation, and infrastructure projects.

“In years past, when disasters have struck Texas, we pass legislation to rebuild,” Rep. Toth said. “This legislation not only enables us to rebuild but also enables us to mitigate future disasters.”

Joined by lawmakers from the Houston area and first responders who came to the aid of those affected by the hurricane, Governor Abbott thanked the legislature for coming together to address “a challenge far beyond any challenge we’ve ever faced in the history of the state of Texas.”

“All together what these laws do is this: they ensure that Texas and our local communities are doing far more than just rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We are rebuilding Texas in ways that will be far better than before Hurricane Harvey even struck,” Gov. Abbott said. “They will ensure that the future of Houston and Harris County and all of the affected region will be future-proof so that we will be able to not suffer through the same type of catastrophic flooding and storms…posed by Hurricane Harvey.

“Texas is going to be better because of the laws that we enacted this session in the Texas Legislature.”

At the ceremony, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale introduced Governor Abbott and praised his response to Hurricane Harvey.

“Governor Abbott brought hope when there was despair, he brought calmness when there was a storm, and he helped Texas recover and become even better than it was before the hurricane,” McIngvale said. “Governor Abbott displayed incredible valor, courage, and leadership during Hurricane Harvey.”



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