GOP Vice Chairman Reed notices legal County Executive Committee meeting, while Riley ally threatens violence against grassroots conservatives

At the illegal GOP County Executive Committee meeting, which rogue County Chairman Wally Wilkerson called in violation of the Bylaws and Republican Party Rules, Vice Chairman Reagan Reed (standing at left) announced that he would not preside over the meeting since Wilkerson had called it illegally.

Conroe, November 29 – After rogue County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson called an illegal County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting two days ago and then walked out of his own meeting when approximately two dozen Precinct Chairs rose to object to the meeting under parliamentary procedure, Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) Vice Chairman Reagan Reed called a properly-noticed CEC meeting of Tuesday, November 12, 2018, in order to accomplish the business Wilkerson failed to do legally.

Meanwhile, a close ally of Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley has threatened violence against the elected grassroots conservative Republican Precinct Chairs who have a strong majority in the CEC and who have carefully followed the Texas Election Code, State Party Rules, and the MCRP’s Bylaws.

Reed issued a notice to all of the Republican Precinct Chairs last night in order to accomplish the necessary business for the Republican Party before the end of the year and to hold a Christmas Party immediately after what Reed has promised will be a short meeting.

Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed’s official announcement of a County GOP Executive Committee meeting which the Party will convene on December 12, 2018. Unlike Wally Wilkerson, Reed noticed the meeting in accordance with the Party’s Bylaws.

The official CEC meeting will include appointment of Precinct Chairs to fill vacancies in those positions, a report from members of the State Republican Executive Committee (which holds its own quarterly meeting in Austin on December 1), a report from duly-elected Treasurer John Hill Wertz, a final report from the 2018 Victory Committee, which managed the Party’s immensely-successful General Election campaign, and announcement of the Party’s Volunteer of the Year.

The MCRP Bylaws require 14-days’ notice for a CEC meeting. Wilkerson had only provided 7 days’ notice, although he had informed several Precinct Chairs whom he considers his allies of the meeting about three weeks in advance. Reed, however, provided proper notice under the Bylaws.

Reed issued the following comment on social media yesterday:

“What is sad is that last night’s spectacle could have been entirely avoided. Personally I had no problem with Dr. Wilkerson having a meeting with those harmless items on the agenda. That’s why I tried to work out a deal with Dr. Wilkerson to postpone the meeting for one week: he would get his meeting, and we could comply with the 14 day rule in the bylaws. Everyone would have won in that scenario. When those advising Dr. Wilkerson told him to refuse, that left us with two choices: disobey the bylaws and allow business to be conducted at an illegal meeting, or follow the rules and end the meeting and then get attacked for obstructing our chairman’s “innocent” meeting. At the end of the day, the bylaws and the rules of the state party have to be followed, and if we disregarded them and allowed an illegal meeting (however innocent the agenda) after we have preached how important the rules are, it would have been extremely hypocritical. Just sad that cooler heads did not prevail, and the MCRP, and GOP voters, had to endure a spectacle last night that could have entirely been avoided by a reasonable solution.”
It became apparent that Wilkerson intentionally scheduled his illegal meeting to conflict with Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack’s Annual Toy Drive and Christmas Party.
Reed further explained yesterday:
“In Robert’s Rules of Order, if rules are being violated, a member should clearly and respectfully raise a point of order. It is the chairman’s duty to recognize and then rule on it. Also, if a valid motion is made, it is also the duty of the chairman to recognize it and conduct a vote. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It is supposed to be an orderly process. When a chairman refuses to recognize points of order and valid motions, you get the chaos like we saw last night. So I think frustration towards the precinct chairs is misplaced. The real frustrating thing is that an agreement between both sides to just postpone the meeting for one week (avoiding this nonsense) couldn’t be reached.”
When Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley won his Republican Runoff Election on May 22, 2018, against conservative icon Gregory Parker who came close to beating Riley in the Primary Election, Riley declared war against the conservative Republican Precinct Chairs in the MCRP. Riley and his campaign manager have even formed a fake GOP group named “Republican Voters of Montgomery County PAC” to oppose conservatives and support democrats.
In keeping with Riley’s avowed hatred of conservatives in the Republican Party, one of Riley’s closest supporters and an active member of Riley’s fake PAC, James Nelson, threatened violence against the grassroots conservatives who are the majority in Montgomery County and in the Montgomery County Republican Party. Nelson had campaigned for democrat nominee Jay Stittleburg who ran against Republican Nominee Mark Keough in the November 6 General Election. Yesterday, Nelson made clear “the end result of this is violence.”
Screen shot of James Nelson’s November 28, 2018, threat.

Apparently, Nelson and Riley object to people who follow the law and expect others to do so as well. Isn’t that how the democrat party works?





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