GOP County Chairman Wilkerson places himself in deeper and deeper trouble

County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson, Jr.

Conroe, August 27 – Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson, trying to cling to power even though the voters elected a majority of grassroots conservatives as Precinct Chairs in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, is placing himself in deeper and deeper trouble. A majority of the Precinct Chairs on the GOP County Executive Committee (CEC) signed a petition calling upon the State Republican Executive Committee to find that Wilkerson has committed official “Misbehavior in Office” under Republican Party Rule 8(k).

Republican Rule 8(k) provides:

“County Chairman Misbehavior in Office — A County Chairman may be deemed to have misbehaved in office by failing to perform statutory duties, failing to attend four (4) consecutive County Executive Committee Meetings, embezzling County Executive Committee funds, being convicted of election fraud, or other behavior designed to disgrace the Republican Party. A written demand signed by at least a majority of the Precinct Chairman of a County Executive Committee shall be forwarded to the Officials Committee of the State Republican Executive Committee. If the Officials Committee finds that the complaint has merit, the Officials Committee shall conduct a hearing on the conduct of the County Chairman and shall forward a recommendation to the State Chairman for consideration for appropriate lawful remedy.”

The 46 Precinct Chairs filed the 8(k) complaint around August 20, 2018. State Republican Party Chairman James Dickey has already ruled that the adoption of new County Party Bylaws decentralizing Wilkerson’s authority and giving that authority to the Precinct Chairs was valid.

Wilkerson requested a formal legal opinion from the Texas Republican County Chairmen Association (TRCCA). Wilkerson got what he wanted, but the opinion was precisely the opposite of what Wilkerson had sought. TRCCA General Counsel Wade Emmert, a renowned election law expert, Dallas attorney, and former Dallas County Republican Chairman, ruled in his letter that the June 26, 2018, adoption of new bylaws at a meeting of the Montgomery County CEC was valid.

To make matters worse, The Golden Hammer obtained a copy of the minutes of the June 26, 2018, CEC meeting, which Wilkerson himself had prepared and posted on the Montgomery County Republican Party website. Wilkerson’s draft minutes reflect that the CEC validly voted to adopt new bylaws with Wilkerson and former Vice Chair Linda Fox presiding over the meeting at the time.

Screen shot of portion of Wilkerson’s draft minutes for June 26, 2018, CEC meeting where Wilkerson presided over adoption of new bylaws for the Montgomery County Republican Party.

The substitution was the adoption of the new bylaws, which Wilkerson showed in the minutes as “Motion passes”. After that portion of the meeting, the minutes further reflect that the CEC elected officers: Reagan Reed as Vice Chairman, Rachel Bingham as Secretary, and John Wertz as Treasurer.

Wilkerson is clearly confused by the obtuse nature of his own actions. In Wilkerson’s announcement of the upcoming August 28, 2018, CEC meeting, Wilkerson announced that it was the “third meeting” of the CEC. The first meeting would be the June 26 meeting. The second meeting occurred on August 7 under the call of the Steering Committee established under the newly-adopted Bylaws.  For the August 28 meeting to be the “third meeting” of the CEC, Wilkerson seems to acknowledge that the Steering Committee validly called a CEC meeting, even though Wilkerson skipped it.

(Hopefully, Wilkerson won’t get confused over which Party he’s supposed to be the County Chairman: the Republicans.)





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