GOP Chairman Wilkerson’s unauthorized expenditures of Party funds troubling

GOP Chairman Wilkerson’s unauthorized expenditures of Party funds troubling

Image: Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson (far right) has troubling connections with the “Davenport Ring,” the group of corrupt politicians who take their orders from corrupt political boss Marc Davenport. At far left is Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, who is currently facing a 6 month suspension by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement for submitting a false document to the Commissioner to claim continuing education credit. Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Jason Dunn (second from left) has largely disassociated himself from the Davenport Ring. Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner James Metts (with creepy grin in middle), one of the most brazenly corrupt public employees in the history of the Montgomery County government, has cost County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in hires of family members and girlfriends each year. Former County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport (in black and white dress) brought disgrace to the Office of County Treasurer. Her successor, Melanie Pryor Bush (not pictured), is struggling to clean up the mess Davenport left behind her.

Conroe, July 21 – One of the primary reasons Montgomery County has developed the reputation for “the most corrupt County in Texas” is that Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson, Jr., has looked the other way from Republican politician misconduct for half a century. Wilkerson, whose job it is to bring Republican candidates and officeholders into line with the strong ethical principles of the Republican Party Platform, has instead chosen to claim that the Montgomery County Republican Party is not even part of the Republican Party of Texas.

Nevertheless, Wilkerson has continued to take in political contributions from innocent contributors who don’t know better than to believe that Wilkerson is actually using the funds for Republican campaigns and to support the Republican Party. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In actuality, the elected Treasurer of the Montgomery County Republican Party is John Hill Wertz, whom the Republican County Executive Committee elected on June 26, 2018, under the duly-constituted Party Bylaws at a meeting and in an election over which Wilkerson presided. Wilkerson knew that Wertz would manage the finances and accounts of the Republican Party with honor. Therefore, Wilkerson continues to maintain his own bank accounts separate and apart from the official account of the Republican Party. Wilkerson illegally appointed his own party “treasurer” and has refused to make the funds in the bank accounts he controls available to the actual Republican Party – managed and operated under the Bylaws under the direction of the County Executive Committee and its Steering Committee – or to the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory Committee, which manages the Party’s General Election campaigns.

On July 15, 2019, Wilkerson filed a Campaign Finance Report with the Texas Ethics Commission in Austin supposedly for the “Montgomery County Republican Party.” The entity which filed that Report, however, is the one for which Wilkerson’s fake treasurer acts.

Wilkerson’s Campaign Finance Report reveals that he doesn’t spend the remaining Party money under his control for anything but office overhead and the salary of his private secretary, melinda fredricks.

During the six months from January 1, 2019, to June 30, 2019, Wilkerson paid out a total of $20,720.05 in Party funds for his unauthorized personal expenditures. Of those funds he paid $3,750.00 in rent for the slum office Wilkerson maintains in one of the worst sections of Montgomery County. In fact, Wilkerson’s office is in Voting Precinct 10, the only voting precinct which actually had a majority democrat General Election result among the 96 voting precincts in Montgomery County.

Wilkerson paid melinda fredricks, his private secretary and the wife of disgraced former County Judge Craig Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks, total compensation of $8,426.98 in salary, taxes, and related compensation during the 6-month period. The job of fredricks is only brief and part-time, because she basically does nothing of benefit to the Montgomery County Republican Party.

The Golden Hammer spoke with each of the other officers of the Republican Party who have confirmed they’ve never even had any interaction with the elusive fredricks who receives wholly unauthorized funds for whatever services she supposedly provides to Wilkerson.

Interestingly, Wilkerson also paid $100 for a T-shirt sponsorship to the Conroe Independent School District to support its $807 million May 4 bond referendum. The Montgomery County Republican Party’s County Executive Committee passed a resolution in opposition to the bond referendum but Wilkerson openly supported the referendum in defiance of the Republican Party. Wilkerson, as well as the Montgomery County democrat Party, worked closely with Conroe ISD for passage of the May 4 bond referendum.

Montgomery County democrat Party storage room with pro-Conroe ISD bond signs. (Photograph courtesy of K. Cook Photographic Studios and Political Productions.)

The $807 million school bond failed in the May 4 election, despite the ardent support of Wilkerson and his democrat allies.

During the 6-month reporting period, Wilkerson reported $6,659.36 in contributions to his fake political party account. The largest contributor was Jim Schulze, the Conroe veterinarian, who consistently had the most liberal voting record of any members of the Republican County Executive Committee, and who lost re-election as a Precinct Chairman in 2018, after his constituents had had enough with Schulze’s poor service and representation. Schulze contributed $2,557.25 during the six month period.

Wilkerson himself plowed $1,300 of his own campaign funds into the Party’s coffers as well.

Interestingly, Wilkerson also gave a $200 contribution to the National Association for the Advance of Colored People out of his campaign funds.




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