GOP Chairman Wilkerson’s Fraudulent Disgrace, Part 2 Of 3: Wally continues to take money for the defunct Republican Roundtable

Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson (right) with disgraced Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport (left).

Conroe, July 31 – As Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson circles the wagons around his attempt to maintain dictatorial power in the County Party, there are signs that Wilkerson has engaged in some highly questionable practices over the past several years. One of those bizarre practices involves his raising of money through a group called “The Republican Roundtable.”

In the 1990s, when Montgomery County’s Republican Party still ran campaigns rather than relying entirely on candidates to campaign for themselves, Wilkerson operated a fundraising mechanism called the “Roundtable” in which he requested large annual contributions to support the operations of the Party. Wilkerson made clear that Roundtable memberships came with substantial privileges, including an Annual Dinner at Republican Plantation Country Club, private briefings by Wilkerson and Republican officials for the contributors, and the ability to offer input into the Party’s operations.

The Roundtable hasn’t met for at least 25 years. Wilkerson has continued to sell memberships in the group with the same promises, but nothing ever comes of Wilkerson’s promised benefits. (The Publisher of The Golden Hammer paid $1,000 for a Life Membership in the Montgomery County Republican Roundtable in 1995 and attended three Annual Dinners until Wilkerson discontinued them.)

Wilkerson’s antiquated Party website still lists the “Republican Roundtable” with a credit card purchase button next to it. Wilkerson describes the Roundtable as follows on the website: “Republican Roundtable. Provides funds for the purchase of major services and equipment necessary to maintain our computer capabilities, organize and direct precinct and Get-Out-the-Vote campaigns, oversee volunteer and candidate recruitment and manage fundraising activities –all vital to the continued growth of the Party in the coming decades.”

The Roundtable has not had anything whatsoever to do with a Get-Out-the-Vote campaign. It hasn’t done anything in at least twenty (20) years.

Amazingly, in his proposed budget for the June 26, 2018, organizational meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party, which was an agenda item after adoption of bylaws, Wilkerson listed that he planned to raise $1,500 through the Montgomery County Republican Roundtable. Wilkerson never got around to asking the County GOP Executive Committee to adopt his proposed budget for the next year. Therefore, the Committee never had the opportunity to discuss Wilkerson’s fraudulent sale of Roundtable memberships (by making promises he didn’t intend to keep).

When the Republican County Executive Committee meets next, hopefully they’ll move to instill some integrity into the fundraising promises the local GOP makes to contributors.



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