GOP Chairman Wilkerson’s anger, confusion intensify, continuing his divisive warfare against County Republican officials

Conroe, July 18 – County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson, who opposes the Republican Party Platform and refuses to organize a General Election campaign for the County Republican Party, sent word yesterday to Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed that reveals Wilkerson remains deeply confused about his own beloved Bylaws to which he’s clinging for power.

On June 26, 2018, with Wilkerson presiding over the meeting, the County GOP Executive Committee – composed of the duly-elected Precinct Chairs – adopted new Bylaws for the County Party in accordance with State Republican Rule 8e, Section 171.022 of the Texas Election Code, and the old Bylaws of the Montgomery County Republican Party. During the meeting, Wilkerson, as Chairman, ruled that adoption of the new Bylaws required a majority vote rather than 2/3rds. Wilkerson’s Parliamentarian Jim Wiggins agreed. On July 14, Texas Republican Chairman James Dickey also ruled that a majority vote was required for the new Bylaws’ adoption.

On July 13, 2018, however, Wilkerson claimed that adoption of the new Bylaws required a 2/3rds vote. On July 17, however, indicated that the “current bylaws” could only be replaced by an amendment requiring a 2/3rds vote. He referred to “the MCRP attorney” without providing a name.

Here is Wilkerson’s email to Vice Chairman Reed:

From: “Wally Wilkerson” <>
Date: July 17, 2018 at 10:35:27 AM CDT
To: “‘Reagan Reed'” <>
Subject: RE: Chairman Dickey on the Bylaws

According to the MCRP attorney, the MCRP was brought into being years ago and has operated under the current bylaws for the same period of time. Therefore, to amend or replace the bylaws requires a 2/3 vote.

Dr. Wally

Once again, Wilkerson remains deeply confused and, perhaps, willfully ignorant of his own “current bylaws.” The Bylaws to which Wilkerson clings for power provide:

“Section 2.          In the year in which the Executive Committee is elected, one of the regular quarterly meetings shall be an organizational meeting, to be held within forty-five (45) days after the term of office begins for the County Chairman and the Precinct Chairmen. (This is twenty (20) days after the Primary Run-off Election according to Subsection 171.022 © of the TEC.) The meeting shall be held for the purpose of adopting bylaws, electing the Executive Committee Secretary, constituting Standing Committees, and other business pertinent to organizing the Executive Committee.” (Emphasis added.)

In other words, even Wilkerson’s bylaws required adoption of new Bylaws every two years at the organizational meeting of the County Executive Committee. The vote to adopt the new Bylaws, which Wilkerson opposed, required a majority vote, not a 2/3rds vote, because under the old bylaws, under State Republican Rule 8e, and Section 171.022 of the Texas Election Code, the County Executive Committee must adopt bylaws at its organizational meeting every two years, which requires a majority vote, as State Chairman Dickey ruled July 14, County GOP Parliamentarian ruled on June 26, and as Wilkerson himself ruled on June 26.

Wilkerson lost the vote. The grassroots conservative Precinct Chairs voted together to prevail on a 39 to 32 vote to adopt new Bylaws for the Republican Party on June 26 at the organizational meeting. Wilkerson lost power. Since he never supported the Republican Party Platform, his only interest in the Republican Party was the power to which he clung.

Montgomery County’s Sage, Bill O’Sullivan, responded to this situation yesterday as well:

“This whole chapter was a re-nactment in 2018 of an event that occurred some 221 years before which unless Dr. Wilkerson changes will be remembered with enmity versus the praise heaped on the earlier event. This is about the peaceful surrender of power due to an election.

“In late 1796, an Election was held for President of the United States.The winner was John Adams. He was scheduled to be inaugurated into the Office of President on March 4 1797 in Philadelphia. The current occupant of that Office was George Washington. He was revered by his countrymen. Many wanted him named King. He was a superb Military Leader who had just two years earlier had ridden at the front of the Army sent to Western Pennsylvania to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion. His next Act made him famous in History when on that March 4th he willingly surrendered the power of the Presidency because of the Constitution, By Laws by another name.

“This act by George Washington was perhaps his greatest gift to us. He willingly surrendered power. He set the example. This had never happened before in history. That established the dominance of the Constitution and not the individual.

“Here in Montgomery County we are having a dispute. Dr. Wilkerson is alleging that the 2/3rds requirement survives the dissolution of the By Laws after the Convention through the Organizational Meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party. His chosen Parliamentarian, the rules of the Republican Party of Texas and the elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas who is responsible for clarifying any ambiguities in the Rules of the Party all disagree with Dr. Wilkerson. It is time for Dr. Wilkerson to present what makes him think the way he is thinking. He needs to provide that hard evidence now.

“Otherwise, he needs to recognize the new By Laws and continue to move forward working together with the Steering Committee.”




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