GOP Chairman Wilkerson proposes deficit budget for him to spend a lot of money to do nothing

GOP Chairman Wilkerson proposes deficit budget for him to spend a lot of money to do nothing

Image: Assistant to the Traveling Secretary George Constanza slept underneath his desk and did nothing as well.

Conroe, July 26 – Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson has proposed a deficit and substantial budget for the next year, but the budget includes nothing but support the overhead of his office. Wilkerson has no plans for running a November General Election campaign and hasn’t proposed to spend any money on campaigning.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, obtained a copy of Wilkerson’s proposed budget for the one year period from June, 2018, through June, 2019, yesterday. Wilkerson proposed the budget prior to the June 26, 2018, organizational meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party’s County Executive Committee (“CEC”).

Wilkerson never chose to ask for the CEC’s approval for the 1-year budget, which is not surprising, because the vast majority of the CEC at the June 26 meeting were grassroots conservatives focused on running a successful General Election campaign rather than propping up the do-nothing County Chairman’s office with his always-absent secretary, melinda fredricks, whom Wilkerson pays $26,000 per year to do nothing. Numerous volunteers have confirmed that they had never seen fredricks in the office, even tough Wilkerson paid her the full-time salary to act as his secretary.

What’s particularly striking about Wilkerson’s proposed budget is two-fold. First, one might expect a Republican to budget conservatively, but the left-leaning Wilkerson has asked to spend more money that he claims he will raise in funds. Second, and the most striking of all, is that Wilkerson’s proposed budget includes nothing for the General Election campaign. That’s not entirely surprising, since Wilkerson knows very little about organizing or running campaigns. The Montgomery County Republican Party has not organized or run a General Election campaign in over two decades. Incumbent State Senator Michael Galloway lost his re-election bid to a liberal democrat, because Wilkerson failed to run a 1998 General Election campaign.

Wilkerson’s largest proposed expenditure, of course, is the $26,000 he wants to pay fredricks for helping him to do nothing. fredricks’ husband, jim, has focused on napping in his position as “chief of staff” to lame duck Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal. jim fredricks will lose his job on January 1, 2019, although he has worked as a realtor part-time during what was supposed to be a full-time job as a County government employee.

Wilkerson also wants to spend $9,000 per year on rent, $7,500 for a fundraiser to support his overhead, $5,500 in payroll taxes, and more than $4,500 on postage. Since Wilkerson continues to run the Republican Party as though the year is 1975, he sends most of his communications by the expensive United States mail rather than by free electronic communications. Wilkerson has also proposed spending $3,000 on printing, $4,320 on equipment leases, and $4,200 on his telephone and the Internet. The only expenditure that comes close to anything to promote Republicans in political campaigns is the $800 Wilkerson wants to spend on “advertising.”

The projected revenue part of Wilkerson’s budget is particularly disconcerting as the defiant County Chairman, who refuses to communicate with any of the Party’s officers, claims he’ll raise $60,000 in a fundraiser. It will certainly be interesting to see who will fall for making campaign contributions the entire purpose of which is to support fredricks’ salary and pay for the tattered old office where Wilkerson sits.

Amazingly, Wilkerson lists that he’ll raise $1,500 through the Montgomery County Republican Roundtable. Wilkerson has sold Roundtable memberships for decades. He’s always promised an annual dinner and special briefings for the Roundtable members, but he’s defrauded those contributors by failing to provide any of the dinners or briefings in over a quarter of a century.

Wilkerson’s full budget proposal follows:

Wally Wilkerson’s proposed deficit-budget for the Montgomery County Republican Party, June 4, 2018.



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