Golden Hammer Publisher compared Montgomery County Commissioners Court secrecy to North Korea’s dictatorship, presented commemorative photograph to County Judge Doyal

Conroe, June 14 – The Golden Hammer’s Publisher compared the Montgomery County Commissioners Court and the secrecy of County Judge Craig Doyal to the North Korea dictatorship at the Tuesday, June 12, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting.

The citizen comment follows:

”There was a striking article in the Sunday Timesthis past weekend in which they pointed out that, while the people of the entire world watch the summit between American President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, there is only one nation in the world where the people have no idea that anything is happening. That nation is North Korea.”

”In North Korea, there is no Internet allowed. There’s only one television station, the official government-run station. There’s only one newspaper, which is a government-run newspaper. Since none of those news sources have reported Kim’s trip to Singapore to meet with President Trump, the people of North Korea have no idea that any of that is even occurring.

”Sadly, under your leadership, Judge Doyal, the Montgomery County government appears headed in the same direction. Just today, in the agenda there were three major items on which the Commissioners Court voted where there was no backup, so none of the Commissioners and none of the public could even ascertain what was the subject of the vote.

”Those matters that you have kept secret from your colleagues and from the citizens for whom you work were the financial reports regarding the issuance of $139 million of road bonds, the proposed bylaws for the Montgomery County Airport, and the proposed Wild Animal Ordinance for Montgomery County. All of you voted for those items completely blindly.

”Secondly, there were 70 pages of so-called ‘Payroll Change Request Forms’ that the Commissioners Court approved today. None of you had any idea what you voted to approve. None of those Forms were made available to you. I received them through an Open Records Request.

“Third, once again, as you pushed last year, your budget process is heading towards 100% opacity. Your Budget Office Director won’t produce the requested budgets from each department. You’re planning to hold budget hearings where you exclude the citizens. You’re planning to conduct later hearings for citizens to speak but where the citizens have no opportunity to review the proposed budget before they are able to know on what they may give public comments.”

During the entire citizen comments, Commissioner Jim Clark (Precinct 4) and Commissioner Mike Meador (Precinct 1) looked up and appeared to listen to every word of the expressed concerns. County Judge Doyal looked down at his desk, apparently out of shame, during the entire statement, while Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley didn’t even come into the Commissioners Courtroom at all in order to avoid having to listen to citizen comments.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the Publisher presented Doyal with a special photograph (framed) to commemorate Doyal’s secrecy in the Montgomery County government. The photograph follows.





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