Golden Hammer Award Presented to Doyal, “chief of staff”

Craig Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks.

Conroe, February 28 – The Golden Hammer Award, given for County spending practices that “hammer the taxpayers,” went to Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and his “chief of staff” jim fredricks. As “chief of staff,” fredricks oversees a “staff” of two overpaid secretaries in Doyal’s office. Doyal rarely comes to work, so fredricks, in addition to receiving a massive full-time County salary of $118,178.27 per year, plus County benefits, also runs a real estate business and a public relations firm on the side.

Taking an enormous salary for doing almost nothing might be bad enough, but fredricks actually does harm. One of his minimal job functions is that he works with County Attorney Jerry Don “Ice Man” Lambright to prepare the Commissioners Court Agenda posted twice a month. Under his direction, these agendas provide little information about the matters the Commissioners Court members are to consider. The backup materials are often intentionally incomplete, so the members of the Commissioners Court do not know what they’er to vote upon until the moment they must consider a matter, often involving multimillion decisions. fredricks is the “bureaucrat’s bureaucrat” whose primary job responsibilities involving hiding the workings of the County government from the four Commissioners and the citizens.

The recent feud between County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport and County Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw revealed the gross harm a petty bureaucrat can cause within a government operation. Shaw followed the County’s Human Resources Policy and other County procedures. Craig Doyal and fredrick sought to interfere in the Human Resources and Treasurer departments to further the goal of promoting Doyal’s daughter, Lindsey, to the position of Assistant County Treasurer. fredricks led at least two meetings inside of Doyal’s 4th floor office during which he, Davenport, and others ganged up on Shaw in an attempt to force her to violate her conscience and County Human Resources Policy.

Since Doyal has jealously – and wrongfully – clung to his supervisory powers over all County Department, in violation of Article V, Section 18, of the Texas Constitution, which delegates those power to the entire County Commissioners Court, fredricks has used that wrongful delegation to interfere with County Department decisions for Doyal’s political and family gain rather than for any good of Montgomery County or the citizens.

fredricks, a fired newspaper editor with little or no management background, simply has no business being anywhere near the management of the County government. He’s not an elected official. He’s not the entire Commissioners Court. Unlike Jim Strong, who worked for County Judge Alan B. Sadler, fredricks does not manage the County’s emergency management functions. Unlike Anne Carr, who also worked for Sadler, fredricks does not perform administrative duties.

Rather, fredricks collects a hefty salary and benefits, has no management experience or knowledge, and engages in political mischief that always serves as a detriment to the interests of Montgomery County citizens from whom he actively assists County Judge Doyal in hiding. Don’t believe that fredricks doesn’t cost us millions of dollars almost every Commissioners Court meeting. He may not be a “chief of staff” but he is most certainly a Chief Cloaking Agent to hide Doyal’s and colleagues’ mischief from the taxpayers.

Craig Doyal and jim fredricks “hammer” the taxpayers!



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