Giving thanks heals the heart

Giving thanks heals the heart

Image: We should love our Father in Heaven and each other.

The Golden Hammer Editorial Board

We should all feel thankful for:

  • Our Father in Heaven.
  • The little things in life. When we get together with a small group of friends, we’ll laugh, argue, agree, interest each other, probably bore each other a bit too, make some decisions together, and probably put some decisions off until a later date. It’ll be fun almost no matter what happens and it will enrich our days, and hopefully contribute in a small way to each other’s lives.
  • Love. What an amazing gift from God! What an amazing gift from other people! Isn’t it truly amazing how love enriches our lives?!
  • The infinite differences and variety of people, animals, and other living creatures.
  • Sadness, which gives us a chance to reflect and to appreciate those time, when we’re not sad.
  • Friendship and friends.
  • Life on this Earth. God tests us constantly. We must exercise our free agency to try to meet His expectations. We constantly fail, must ask forgiveness, must repent, and then try to do right. Nevertheless, what a wonderful place He has given us to take that test.
  • The opportunity to serve others, especially by feeding the poor, tending to the sick, guiding the lost, and loving the lonely.
  • Our minds, our hearts, our souls, and our bodies, for allowing us to accomplish through their use.
  • Gratitude, which heals and strengthens the heart.

Thank you to everyone. May the blessings of God rest upon your shoulders and the shoulders of your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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