Gigantic citizen turnout for Montgomery Chief Napolitano saves his job, as City Council tables effort to terminate him

Montgomery Police Chief Jim Napolitano (left) with State Republican Executive Committeeman Walter West, II (right).

Montgomery, September 13 – A gigantic citizen turnout for Montgomery Police Chief Jim Napolitano saved his job and convinced the Montgomery City Council to table the executive session to discuss whether to terminate him as Chief on Tuesday, September 11, 2018. After dozens of citizens expressed their support for Napolitano and after Napolitano made clear that he wanted to hold the executive session before the entire open meeting of citizens, which is his right under the Texas Open Meetings Act, Mayor Sara Countryman and City Councilwoman Rebecca Huss who had pushed for the termination ultimately had to table the action.

The vote to table any action was 4 to 1 with Councilman John Champagne voting against.

The Golden Hammer has confirmed that the Montgomery City Attorney informed Napolitano after the meeting that the City of Montgomery deferred any action also because they had failed to provide Napolitano with any written notice or information concerning why he was on the City Council agenda for a “no confidence” vote.

Additionally, this newspaper has confirmed that, since Councilwoman Rebecca Huss was unable to procure the removal of Napolitano and his replacement with Patrol Officer Tim Bauer, a political ally of hers, she and Bauer intend to bring criminal charges against Napolitano with the Public Integrity Unit of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Law enforcement representatives from the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office spoke in favor of Napolitano and expressed their appreciation for the professional manner in which the City of Montgomery Police conduct themselves and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies.

Napolitano is a highly respected veteran of law enforcement. He was an Agent with the United States Secret Service and worked on the Presidential Detail of President George H.W. Bush. Napolitano worked as a Sergeant in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as well as for several other law enforcement agencies.

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, The Golden Hammer published an article, which a senior official in the Montgomery City government had written and submitted anonymously. The Editorial Board of this newspaper confirmed the identity of the letter writer and confirmed the factual statements made in the letter with three other sources before publishing the letter.

The anonymous letter stated that Bauer is unhappy with Napolitano for disciplining him after an incident at the Police Department earlier this year. Bauer is close politically with City Administrator Jack Yates and with Huss. Bauer remains a patrol officer but he’s assigned to night duty, another source of his unhappiness according to the letter.

Citizens clearly had an enormous impact on the actions of the City Council on Tuesday night. That may explain why left-leaning organizations such as the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, under the direction of County Judge Craig Doyal, the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, under the direction of the San Jacinto River Authority, and the San Jacinto River Authority, under the control and direction of its highly-paid engineering staff and vendors enjoying lucrative multi-million dollar contracts, meet during normal work hours when citizens are unable to attend.




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