George Orwell must have visited Montgomery County!

Thanks to a friend of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, for providing this image.

A wise reader of The Golden Hammer offered this suggestion to all government officials:

“It’s very simple…be honest and kind. Do your job thoroughly and firmly as a political servant…and you will never need any type of consultant.”

On a personal note, when the Publisher of The Golden Hammer ran for judge in 2016, he got to know two people who particularly impressed him. Both of them clearly were people who followed the advice of the reader above. They were honest and kind. They did their jobs thoroughly and firmly as political (public) servants. One of them didn’t use a political consultant. One of them had started with Marc Davenport of all people but then fired him in the middle of the campaign and partly replaced him with party planner Kristin Nichole (a nice lady – usually – who fights very hard for her clients).

Those two people are Sid Harle, a Bexar County Criminal District Judge who ran for the Court of Criminal Appeals and lost in the 2016 Republican Primary Election. Judge Harle is one of the most impressive judges in the entire State of Texas. He’s a gentleman, a hard worker, and a kindhearted individual who nonetheless firmly sentences individuals after they’re found guilty of committing crimes.

Bexar County (San Antonio) District Judge Sid Harle.

The other person is a local public servant by the name of Phil Grant, who is the 9th District Court Judge in Montgomery County. Judge Grant was a very tough and focused prosecutor before he became a judge. Many attorneys disliked him because they feel he was far too focused on prosecution. After getting to know Grant on the campaign trail, it was the easiest decision to endorse him for District Judge in the Republican Runoff Election. Phil Grant is honest and kind. He does his job thoroughly and firmly as a political and public servant. He doesn’t need any type of consultant. By doing his job well but with a kind and honest heart, he’s the best advertisement he ever could need. (An advertisement inside the Courthouse?!)

9th District Judge Phil Grant of Montgomery County.



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