Gay rights activist Stittleburg runs as democrat for Montgomery County Judge

Gay rights activist Stittleburg runs as democrat for Montgomery County Judge

Image: Gay rights activist Jay Stittleburg (second from right) attended a gala for the gay rights organization, the Diana Foundation, on March 24, 2017, with his husband Philip Karczewski (far right).

Conroe, August 5 – Gay rights activist Jay Stittleburg of Porter is running as the democrat nominee for Montgomery County Judge. Stittleburg has been active in the Texas Democratic Party for many years.

As the democrat nominee, Stittleburg runs on the Platform of the Democratic Party. The democrat platform includes strong support of equal opportunities for illegal immigrants to receive all government benefits and citizenship, a government guarantee that everyone will receive a job including a government job, universal healthcare funded from citizens’ taxes, possible imprisonment of criminal prosecutors if they make a mistake, adoption of many California laws to make the Texas criminal justice system more like that of California, opposition to corporations which provide jobs and support for labor unions, increase of federal regulation of local school districts, and freedom of abortion.

Stittleburg, 45, originally comes from northern Illinois where he graduated from Harlem High School in Machesny Park, Illinois. He attended college on the east coast where he majored in oceanography.

Stittleburg has actively supported and raised money for the Diana Foundation, which labels itself “nationally recognized as the oldest continuously active gay organization in the United States of America.” Stittleburg has supported other gay rights causes as well.

On November 12, 2016, Stittleburg married Philip Robert Karczewski, II, in Houston.

Marriage license for democrat nominee for Montgomery County Judge Jay Stittleburg’s marriage to his husband.

Stittleburg and his husband got married at Houston’s Cathedral of Hope Church, which likens itself an “LGBTQ church” that is, according to the church’s website, “a community of UCCers, Baptists, Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, New Age, Agnostics, Nones and believe it or not, even a couple Atheists.” Leslie Jackson, who performed the wedding service, described his church in “My Gay Houston” as “largely made up of white lesbians, and the church welcomes everyone.”

Stittleburg lived on the east coast but he and Karczewski moved to Texas in 2007 and to Porter in 2012. Stittleburg works as a project manager for an engineering firm in the Galleria area. They live in a home with Stittleburg’s grandmother and their two dogs.

Stittleburg has a DWI conviction from Virginia in 2002.



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