Gallegos presents thinking at Montgomery County Tea Party meeting that conservatives, Republicans should largely reject

Fort Bend County activist Eddie Gallegos spoke to the Montgomery County Tea Party on June 4, 2018.

Conroe, June 5 – Unaffiliated conservative activist Eddie Gallegos spoke to the Montgomery County Tea Party about the extreme views that have taken over democrats in Harris County and throughout Texas. Gallegos’ point was that the new democrat activists are not people whom one could reach across the aisle of substantive discussions about policy.

Gallegos has infiltrated many liberal protest meetings during the past nine years. He’s even joined the Communist Party, he claims, in order to get an insider’s view of what they’re doing. Gallegos portrayed a level of extremism among liberal protesters that people in Montgomery County rarely witness.

Nevertheless, Gallegos seemed to blame the Harris County democrat party and other democrat party institutions for “losing control” of the people within their party. That seems to be Gallegos’ primary explanation for the extremism he’s witnessed developing more and more since 2009.

Gallegos missed the point, especially after the lessons of the 2016 Presidential Election made clear that there are many voters whom the political system has chased away who in that election made a close decision whether to vote for extreme anti-establishment liberal Bernie Sanders or whether to vote for anti-establishment Republican Donald Trump. Especially during the Presidential Primaries, there were many similarities between Trump’s base and Sanders’ base.

Why are such large portions of the population disaffected from the political establishment?

It’s not extremism, as Gallegos urged. Instead, it’s straight up lying.

The democrat political party lost control of Congress in 1994, because citizens had had enough of their 50 years of lies that social improvements would result from the massive spending programs democrats had sponsored since 1948. Then the Republicans came into office on the promise that they would reduce the size, spending, and tax burden of government at all levels.

The Republicans lied just as badly as the democrats. Now, Republicans have control of the White House, both Houses of Congress, the Texas Governor’s Mansion, both Houses of the Texas Legislature (by an almost two-thirds margin in each), and the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. Nevertheless, the rate of spending growth has done nothing but increase. Government grows. The tax burden increases. Nevertheless, government services don’t improve.

Look at what the City of Magnolia was in 1985. It was a beautiful, quaint, peaceful city in a beautiful forested environment. Since that time, the rate of government spending has absolutely massively outpaced the rate of population growth (plus inflation). Where is Magnolia today? It’s a traffic quagmire. The roads are in terrible condition. Public buildings are in bad shape. The quaintness of Magnolia is long gone. The quality of schools is declining.

Magnolia is a monument to two facts: (1) what government does, it does terribly (other than provide law enforcement and national security), and (2) the Republicans who have controlled the Commissioners Court since the early 1990s have caused government waste to skyrocket, government spending to explode, and taxes to increase to a point that regular citizens cannot afford their homes.

Republicans and democrats have lied to American citizens at least since the end of World War II. The Republican Party doesn’t stand for lower spending and lower taxes, even though it has claimed that mantra since the 1964 election. The democrat party doesn’t stand for strengthening the middle class, even though it has claimed that mantra since 1960.

Republicans and democrats – in their actions – have become the parties that protect big government. The only difference is that one party supports one set of spending programs while the other party supports a different set of spending programs.

Then what does the Republican Party even offer? While both parties’ elected servants have increased government spending massively, there are grassroots activists within the Republican Party, unlike the democrat party, who genuinely want change towards reform of government by reducing government waste, spending, and tax growth.

Rather than trying to paint democrats as extremists, Communists, or socialists, the Republican Party needs to focus on its own promise: to be the political party of lower spending and lower taxes. Clearly, the Republican Party has abjectly failed in that regard in Montgomery County, Texas. As Doyal and his mentor Malcolm Purvis made clear when they switched to the Republican Party in 1995, so “we can win” as they told the GOP Candidates Committee, they don’t really care about the principles of either political party. They just want “to win.”

Republican Party voters and activists must insist on the fundamental premise that made the modern conservative movement and the Republican Party one and the same under the leadership of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan when they ran for President and California Governor in 1964 and 1966, respectively. That fundamental premise is that the Republican Party demands, insists, and will only work towards small government, so that free women and men will remain free.

Gallegos is wrong to focus on extremist elements within the democrat party. Deriding others doesn’t accomplish positive change.

Only insisting upon positive change will bring about positive change. Activists must work very hard to make sure the Republican Party stands for the reform that it has promised for 54 years.




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