“Furtive” democrat Gupta, running for Woodlands Township Board, intentionally blocking Children’s Hope PAC political signs at polling place

“Furtive” democrat Gupta, running for Woodlands Township Board, intentionally blocking Children’s Hope PAC political signs at polling place

Image: Woodlands Township candidate Rashmi Gupta has waged a “furtive” campaign to block out all political signs of the Children’s Hope PAC, the group trying to protect children and taxpayers from Conroe ISD’s $677.3 Million bond package.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

The Woodlands, October 29 – Rashmi Gupta, an ultraliberal democrat running for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors in the November 5, 2019, General Election has waged a “furtive” and highly destructive campaign to block the political signs of the Children’s Hope PAC, the citizens’ political group fighting to protect children and taxpayers from the gargantuan Conroe Independent School District (CISD) $677.3 Million bond package, which will do little more than deliver $206 Million of profits to lawyers, engineers, architects, and contractors. CISD has admitted that passage of the bond package will do nothing to improve educational outcomes and will do nothing to prevent the massive rezoning of students which the school district intends to announce in March, 2020, whether the bond package passes or not, according to College Park High School Principal Mark Murrell.

CISD has already implemented a 4 cent tax rate increase in order to be pay for the $677.3 Million bond package, even though voters have not approved it. That is the largest tax rate increase in the history of CISD. Additionally, CISD intends to raise taxes 63.35% during the next nine (9) years in order to pay or the proposed $677.3 Million bond.

The following organizations have announced their opposition to the proposed CISD bond:

  • The Texas Patriots PAC;
  • The Montgomery County Tea Party; and
  • The Montgomery County Republican Party.

Gupta, whose name, of course, means “furtive,” “stealthy,” or “secretive” in Hindi, began her warfare again anyone who dares to oppose the massive imposition of additional debt on CISD students in the form of the bond package, approximately four days ago. Every day, Gupta has moved her political signs directly in front of Children’s Hope PAC’s “It’s OK to Vote ‘No’ Again” signs in order to block those signs from view.

Yesterday, October 28, 2019, Gupta got caught. She was standing directly in front of her signs blocking the Children’s Hope PAC signs when an individual with that pro-citizen political group caught her openly with her signs blocking the pro-children, pro-taxpayer signs. The individual, who is a Children’s Hope PAC Board member, walked right up to the stealthy Gupta and said, “Let’s fix these right now.” He then began to move the Children’s Hope PAC signs to their originally position immediately adjacent to the curb in the South County Community Center parking lot.

Gupta created a scene. She began speaking very loudly and criticized the individual for moving the pro-children political group’s signs back to their original location.

At that point, several liberals, including an officer of the anti-free speech Voter Awareness Council, began to videotape a conversation. The Children’s Hope PAC Board member asked the numerous videographers to follow him around the parking lot to show all of the signs the furtive Gupta and CISD had intentionally blocked with their political signs. All of the liberal videographers declined the invitation.

Gupta refused to move her signs from directly in front of the Children’s Hope PAC’s. Therefore, the Children’s Hope PAC tried to move the signs to public view instead.

Gupta is an ultraliberal democrat who has supported the electoral ambitions of Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. O’Rourke once walked away from a car accident he caused while driving intoxicated. O’Rourke is a practiced burglar and thief.

“Furtive” Gupta, who supported O’Rourke in the 2018 election and has consistently voted in the democrat primary, declined to comment to The Golden Hammer for this article.



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