Fundamental questions citizens should ask CISD Superintendent Curtis Null and Political Action Committee Treasurer Bryan Fowler before even considering any CISD bond

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Conroe Independent School District (CISD) clearly is pressing forward with another bond referendum as quickly as they can do so. They’re feeding stories to the Courier blog and the Community Impact to get the word out that another bond is on its way.

Meanwhile, CISD Superintendent Curtis Null is conducting a series of secret meetings in which he’s trying to convince conservatives who opposed the $807 million bond package, which voters soundly rejected on May 4, 2019, that conservatives should support the next bond package. Null, of course, wants conservatives to support the bond package, even before CISD is willing to disclose what that package will be.

Nevertheless, there are two people who need to answer some questions: Null and Bryan Fowler, the Treasurer of CISD’s political action committee, named “Community for Conroe ISD’s Future” Political Action Committee (the “PAC”). Frankly, if Null and Fowler, between them, don’t provide all of the answers to these preliminary questions, then no one should even consider the next bond package.

While the questions appear under the name of each of Fowler and Null, they should both be responsible for making sure they provide all of the answers completely. If they seek to avoid answering the questions, the citizens simply shouldn’t consider another bond package from CISD until they answer those questions completely.

Questions to Community for Conroe ISD’s Future PAC Treasurer Bryan Fowler:

Bryan Fowler, Treasurer, Community for Conroe ISD’s Future Political Action Committee.

#1 Who prepared your Campaign Finance Reports that you filed with the Texas Ethics Commission during the CISD’s $807 million bond referendum campaign?

#2 Why didn’t you show the work of PBK Architects, which did your advertising materials for the campaign, as an in-kind contribution?

#3 How did you meet political consultant Anna Chenier of PBK Architects? Who introduced you to her? What did she do for your PAC?

#4 Did someone tell you how PBK Architects would be paid for the political consulting work for the political action committee? Who was that? What did they tell you?

Questions to CISD Superintendent Curtis Null:

Superintendent Curtis Null is at the far right.

#1 How much did CISD pay for the mailer it mailed to campaign for the $807 million bond referendum?

#2 Who prepared the mailer?

#3 Why do you believe it’s ethical for a governmental entity to use tax dollars for campaigning during any election, such as the bond referendum? This question doesn’t ask for a legal answer. It’s asking the question based upon general ethics, right versus wrong.

#3 What were the names of the PBK employees who appeared before the CISD Board of Trustees in February, 2019, to provide advice relating to the bond referendum campaign during a Board workshop? Why did you permit that to occur?

#4 Has CISD ever communicated directly with “The Educated Vote,” a division of PBK Architects? If not, what is your explanation why “The Educated Vote” lists CISD as a political consulting client of theirs? If your answer to the last question is words to the effect “I don’t know,” then why have you not sought to find that out and what efforts have you made to find that out?

#5 Will CISD stipulate that the school district will not utilize the services of PBK Architects for the next bond package projects? If not, why not?




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