Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC announce endorsements for March 3 Republican Primary Election

Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC announce endorsements for March 3 Republican Primary Election

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, January 20 – The Freedom and Liberty Conservatives Political Action Committee (FLCPAC) have announced their endorsements for the March 3, 2020, Republican Primary Election.  FLCPAC Chair Kelli Cook announced the group’s list of endorsements of candidates whom they believe are “reform conservatives.”

FLCPAC played a major role during the 2018 Republican Primary Election when it sent a number of direct mail pieces to likely Republican voters. FLCPAC Chair Cook told The Golden Hammer, “We plan to support our endorsed candidates in 2020 as we did in 2018. There are some important contested races, especially the Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman’s race.”

The organization’s mission statement follows:

Freedom. The concentration of government power is morally wrong and is only acceptable where free competition doesn’t work. Smaller government makes for greater freedom. Government spending is morally justified only for national security, law enforcement, and infrastructure (where free markets won’t otherwise provide it.)

Liberty. The Bill of Rights ensures individual liberty. There is no penumbra. Government power comes from the citizens who are the highest level of government. Government officials are public servants. With the limited exception of national security matters, government must be open to public scrutiny at all times.

Conservatives. “Conservatives” support less government spending and lower taxes. No government official should receive any benefit from government other than reasonable compensation for services directly provided.

If some take the foregoing beliefs as divisive, that is no concern to us. We agree with Thomas Jefferson that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” 

Freedom and liberty…you can never have too much of it.

FLCPAC’s endorsements follow with their explanations for each endorsed candidate in ballot order:

President of the United States – Donald J. Trump. President Trump clearly is the most effective President of the United States since President Ronald Reagan. FLCPAC Chair Kelli Cook has added, “He’s tough as nails.”

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Saturday, June 22, 2019, before boarding Marine One for the trip to Camp David in Maryland. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

United States Senator – Dwayne Stovall. Dwayne Stovall is a strict Constitutional conservative.  He derives his views from a deep respect for the founding generations of both the United States and the Republic of Texas. What they fought for, in the way of independence and liberty, is not lost on Dwayne. He is a proud Texan that refuses to remain silent while tyranny grows and liberty shrinks.

United States Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall.

Railroad Commissioner – Ryan Sitton. Sitton has been a fearless conservative fighting for less government regulation by the Texas Railroad Commission. He deserve another term. Ryan Sitton believes in people more than government.  He believes in keeping Texas strong by keeping our people free, smaller government, a lighter tax burden, and fair predictable regulation as keys to success. As Railroad Commissioner, Ryan believes energy should be produced as affordably and cleanly as possible. Ryan believes we can have a prosperous Texas that also protects the state’s spectacular natural heritage.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Position 3 – Bert Richardson. Judge Richardson is a solid conservative vote on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest court in Texas with respect to criminal matters. He has a solid academic, professional, and judicial record, which supports his re-election.

Chief Justice, 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont – Jay Wright. Jay Wright is an experienced attorney and proven conservative.  He has handled over 100 appellate cases over 34 years as a practicing attorney doing civil and criminal law.  He is a leader in the community, having served as the Montgomery County Republican Party’s General Counsel.  Jay is an Originalist who opposes judicial activism and will uphold the Constitution and the law to ensure justice for all.

District Judge, 457th Judicial District – Eric Yollick. Eric Yollick has almost 30 years of civil litigation experience. He has handled over 1,000 bench trials, 200 jury trials, over 300 mediations, and 9 arbitrations. Eric has devoted his time, treasure, sweat and tears to his quest for conservative government reform. His candidacy for District Judge of the 457th District Court is part of his efforts to reform government.  Eric hopes to be an exemplary District Judge and show Texas how great a District Court can be. He is committed to clearing the docket fast and saving taxpayers money.

County Commissioner, Precinct 1 – Billy Graff. Billy Graff is far and away the most qualified candidate for Precinct 1 Commissioner. Billy has a passion for serving others, having served both in the Marine Corps and as a pastor for many years. He currently runs a multimillion disaster relief non-profit and has extensive construction and management experience. Billy has been recognized for his disaster relief work across the state and was even given a congressional award. He is the only candidate who has committed to cutting taxes and lowering government spending. A strong conservative, Billy will fight for transparency and limited government. He is a political outsider who is not beholden to special interests. As Commissioner, he will work to reduce flooding and traffic, ensure law enforcement has the resources they need to keep our community safe, and keep property taxes low. A vote for Billy is a vote to finally tip the majority on commissioners court in favor of conservatives and bring the needed reforms to County government.

Dr. Billy Graff.

County Constable, Precinct 2 – Gene DeForest. Gene DeForest has done a terrific job serving the people of Precinct 2 as their Constable.  He runs one of the most efficient Constable departments in the state and has been an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars.  Gene has also demonstrated integrity throughout his career and has been willing to stand up to the establishment, even before it was popular to do so.  Gene has proven himself, and will continue to deliver law enforcement services for the people of Precinct 2 with ethics and professionalism.

Precinct 2 Constable Gene De Forest, Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman – Jon Bouche.

Jon Bouche has blossomed into a remarkable leader during the past year. He received recognition from the State Republican Executive Committee as the Senatorial District 4 “Volunteer of the Year” in November, 2019. Bouche won election as the Republican Voting Precinct 35 Chairman in March, 2018, in his home of Oak Ridge North. In June, 2018, the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee elected Bouche as one of the Steering Committee members, the small group of Republican Precinct Chairs who act as an executive committee of sorts. In November, 2018, Bouche won election as the Commissioner Precinct 3 Board representative to the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors. Bouche has been a reliable conservative vote on that Board and has fought for accountability to the citizens, lower government spending, and property rights. Mostly, however, he’s a great team builder. He finds people and plugs them into the Republican organization. Much like President Donald Trump, Bouche has the heart of an entertainer and brings his charisma into every room he enters. Whenever there are vacancies in offices or Precinct Chairs, Bouche has become one of the primary “go to” individuals to find excellent new talent to bring into the “grassroots” movement in the Republican Party. Republican leaders across Texas think of Bouche now if they want to get something done in Montgomery County or involving the vibrant Montgomery County Republican Party which Bouche and grassroots conservatives have built. Bouche has been instrumental; in the reforms within the Republican County Executive Committee which have dispersed authority to the Precinct Chairs and away from a dictatorial County Republican Chairman. Bouche has made clear that he intends to continue that sharing of authority should he win the County Chairman position himself. Bouche has served as Chairman of the Citizens Budget Committee, a Director of the Children’s Hope PAC (which successfully defeated the May 4 $807 million Conroe ISD school bond), and as Chairman of the Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC. Bouche is definitely someone who gets along with people, especially when they recognize his enormous personal talent.

Jon Bouche, Precinct 35 Republican Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee member, and member of the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District.




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