Former Sheriff’s Office employee describes problems with Montgomery County government’s insurance administration

Publisher’s Note: Outside of law enforcement and national security, when government acts, government does a poor job of it. Here’s a letter The Golden Hammer received from a former County government employee who was in the middle of an asthma attack when she discovered the County had mistakenly canceled her COBRA insurance coverage. This newspaper confirmed her status as a former employee but she requested anonymity.
“I am a former employee of the SO, a former Montgomery County employee. I have COBRA insurance through the Boon Chapman program. I went to an Davam Urgent Care facility for an Asthma attack in 12/28/18. I was informed that my insurance was cancelled on 12/27/18. I was initially denied treatment. I could not, as in the past, reach anyone by phone in the “Cobra Department” at Boon Chapman to find out why my insurance was denied. In the past, concerning other setting up my COBRA, I  left numerous messages and not one was ever returned.
“I called the Member line, after no one answered the COBRA line, which as usual, the recording says no one is available. On the Member Line, I got amazing lady who tracked down someone at the COBRA  department. I was having an asthma attack and she also has asthma, she told me, Montgomery County has been reorganizing files and some errors were made by the county. She managed to get my insurance re-instated on the website and stayed on the phone to walk the administrators at Davam through the issue and updated the website immediately to show me current on my insurance. (I am current on payment)
“I was advised by an administrator, at the Davam Urgent Care, that I was the second person “that day” with MOCO COBRA, that was denied. Please pass along to Montgomery County Employees that their insurance may be denied, when in reality it should be active.
“The lady at Boon Chapman was wonderful and a lifesaver.
“But, how many people and their children are at risk because their insurance may be negligently denied because of Montgomery County’s continuation of complete incompetence in so many areas? This is a prosperous county that has no excuse for being so incompetent in so many areas.
“Please pass along this information because, if you or you or your children are on Montgomery County’s Insurance the errors they commit could cost them their lives. I almost had to call 911 from an Urgent Care parking lot, because I was denied treatment. That also means your prescriptions will be denied.
“I have the documentation to show the initial denial and then the approval. If needed, I will provide it.
“Thank you,
Former MOCO Employee”



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