Former representative Toth draws “establishment” opponent Ricardo R. Mora (a major Noack critic and Tx-249 Taxway supporter) in State Representative District 15 race

Steve Toth, former State Representative, Fox 26 commentator, political leader and activist, and candidate for State Representative.

The Woodlands, July 22 – Local businessman and former State Representative Steve Toth who is running for the Republican nomination in the March 6, 2018, Primary Election, informed The Golden Hammer that lieutenants of Texas House of Representatives Speaker Joe Straus (a liberal pretending he’s a Republican from San Antonio) have recruited local anesthesiologist Ricardo R. Mora to run against the conservative Toth whose previous tenure in the House closely followed the positions of the Republican Party of Texas Platform.

Mora has also been a major critic of popular Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack for several years as well as an adamant supported of the Tx-249 Taxway, the $73 million 3.6 mile Tollway on which Montgomery County’s government has already spent $13.1 million of general funds (from property taxes) to build, even though the Texas Department of Transportation would build it without reliance on any County resources or money.

“I knew the Austin establishment would work overtime to find an opponent,” Toth said. “During my time in Austin I represented the values and principles of my District, not Hillary Clinton or Austin insiders, and I expect they want someone willing to do the opposite. I was surprised to see Dr. Mora as a repeated donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and look forward to him explaining to Republican voters why he felt she should lead our nation.”

Toth further explained, “Individuals from Austin communicated to me that two lieutenants of Straus recruited this individual to run against me. Straus apparently has the same problem with me as he has with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and our Governor Greg Abbott. That problem is called ‘the Republican Party Platform.'” Toth has consistently been an outspoken critic of Straus for failing to move the Republican agenda forward in the 85th Texas Legislature which concluded in early June while favoring the legislative proposals of House democrats.

“I’m particularly disappointed that Dr. Mora has been a big supporter of the Texas Medical Association,” which Toth characterized as one of the largest pro-choice lobby groups in Texas. The Texas Medical Association TMA, which long ago was a professional association for physicians has in more recent years become an advocacy group for Obamacare and its expansion in the State of Texas. Mora has contributed to TMA over the years, according to Toth.

Mora has also recently contributed, in late spring 2017, to the American Society of Anesthesiologists PAC which opposed Republican reform efforts to repeal Obamacare in Congress. “I can’t imagine someone running in House District 15 who has supported TMA. They are a flagrant pro-death group and have fought against the re-election of almost every Pro-Life candidate in the Texas Legislature,” Toth told this newspaper in an exclusive interview.

“We have expected an opponent since day one and are excited about the tremendous support we have received from the community. This candidate gives the people of the district a clear choice between being pro-life and pro-choice, the free market and Obamacare, between those who support Hillary Clinton and the rest of us who know better. This District’s values do not line up with the values of Dr. Mora, Hillary Clinton, or the Texas Medical Association,” concluded Toth.

Toth is a longtime conservative political activist and businessman in The Woodlands. Mora lives with his family in a palatial mansion in Grogans Point and works as an anesthesiologist.



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