For the good of the Montgomery County Republican Party, it’s time for Wilkerson to retire

It’s time for Wilkerson to say “adios.”

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

The July 15, 2019, Campaign Finance Report, which Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) Chairman Wally Wilkerson filed with the Texas Ethics Commission revealed a very troubling statistic. Wilkerson is squandering $40,000 per year of Republican Party funds on his private secretary and office overhead which provide no campaign value to the Party.

The vast majority of regular Republican voters in Montgomery County have no idea whatsoever that Wilkerson even maintains the tiny office in a bad part of downtown Conroe which is actually the most heavily-democrat voting area. It’s unclear what Wilkerson even does in his office every day other than bask in his own false sense of power.

Those funds should got towards the MCRP’s 2020 Victory Campaign Steering Committee to prepare for the 2020 General Election campaign.

A small group of Republican officeholders, including Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley and Precinct 4 Commissioner James Metts, as well as some of their paid “supporters,” are manipulating the poor old guy like crazy. Just recently, they tricked him into announcing a fundraiser involving United States Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Kevin Brady neither of whom agreed to participate in the event as a fundraiser. Wilkerson’s supposed supporters made Wilkerson look like a fool. As a substitute for the Cruz-Brady event, now Wilkerson’s supporters have manipulated him into hosting an event with Allen West, a former Florida Congressman with a moderate to liberal voting record, who has begun a direct challenge to grassroots conservatives across Texas by campaigning against immensely popular Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey.

Meanwhile, the same group of Wilkerson’s “supporters” tricked him into taking the position that MCRP is not a part of the Republican Party and that it’s not a political party at all but instead some sort of business corporation. It’s sad to see the depths down to which Riley, Metts, and their paid staff are willing to drag Wilkerson who should receive some honor and dignity in his dotage.

Republicans nationwide face a hearty challenge from crazed liberal democrats who pander for votes with promises of reparations and income redistribution, from anti-American immigrants for whom the democrats have fought to open American borders so they could register their anti-American votes, and a very organized attempt to turn traditionally conservative Texas into the latest version of ultraliberal California.

In the 2018 General Election, Montgomery County’s grassroots conservatives organized, managed, and financed the strongest General Election campaign in the history of Montgomery County’s Republican Party without one iota of help from Wilkerson or his few remaining supporters. The MCRP Steering Committee directed Wilkerson to provide $10,125 in much-needed funds to the 2018 Victory Campaign Steering Committee. Wilkerson refused and ignored the direction from MCRP.

Literally, none of Wilkerson’s expenditures have any authority whatsoever. Wilkerson never received approval from the MCRP County Executive Committee, composed of all of the elected Republican Precinct Chairs. Despite direction from the Republican Party of Texas Officials Committee in October, 2018, Wilkerson has refused to turn over the Party’s checkbook and financial accounts to the elected MCRP Treasurer.

While local democrats are organizing and fundraising, Wilkerson is sitting on his hands in his filthy office where he refuses to allow anyone to display the Republican Party Platform, because Wilkerson doesn’t agree with the conservative principles contained within the Platform.

Wilkerson is an embarrassment to himself, to MCPR, and to Montgomery County.

It’s time for Wilkerson, who is close to 90 years old, to retire. MCRP should hold a nice – yet inexpensive – retirement party for him, thank him for his service, and then replace him with Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, who is young, vibrant, ethical, smart, extremely organized, and more experienced in running successful campaigns than Wilkerson.

The Golden Hammer will be happy to give Wilkerson a “Golden Hammer” at his retirement party. Wilkerson truly deserves one.



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