“Flurona” scare displays endless reliance on government intervention in healthcare (The Golden Hammer told you so…)

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Washington, D.C., Austin, and Conroe, January 6 – It’s the real “insurrection,” not the political one the Big Government advocates have created. As a result of the very effective scare tactics, (1) the federal government has spent trillions of dollars, mandated the behavior of most businesses in the land, and convinced millions of people not to work but only to receive welfare, (2) the Texas government has enjoyed the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars to local governments and the massive expansion of the Governor’s power, and (3) local government leaders, such as Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, have gotten to issue mandates on individuals, churches, businesses, and families, and to spend tens of millions of dollars under the guise of “public health emergencies.” The United States Constitution is in crisis, along with the United States Dollar, which faces a substantial devaluation.

Isn’t it all glorious?

The problem facing governments at all levels is that the coronavirus has mutated and progressively become weaker, as medical scientists predicted. The Omicron Variant is little more than a bad cold.

Hence, there is the necessity of “Flurona,” the new “public health” scare, which the pro-Big Government Washington Post introduced to the world in a highly-publicized article yesterday, which began:

New year, new coronavirus term?

Many people around the world kicked off 2022 by searching for more information about “flurona,” after Israel reported that two young pregnant women had tested positive for both the coronavirus and the flu.

Doctors have long been concerned about the potential impact of a “twindemic”— with influenza cases rising as covid-19 cases threaten to overwhelm hospitals — and called on people to get flu shots and coronavirus vaccinations. On the other hand, “flurona” refers to when one person has both respiratory infections at the same time — which health officials say is a possibility as cases of the highly contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus surge this winter across the world.

“What is ‘flurona’? Coronavirus and influenza co-infections reported as omicron surges,” Washington Post, January 5, 2022.

This newspaper, The Golden Hammer, predicted long ago that the common flu would become the next “public health crisis” offering government leaders the pretext to continue the massive government expansion, which occurred during the coronavirus panic. Government leaders, such as Biden, Governor Greg Abbott, and County Judge Keough, have found their pretext to continue to expand government’s size and power in order to “protect” us. Just read George Orwell’s 1984 to find the same script.



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