First “Golden Hammer Award” of 2019 goes to all four County Commissioners for multi-million dollar Asph-Scam Scandal

The Asph-Scam (pronounced AZ-fuh-skam) Scandal involves taxing citizens for Commissioner’s Precinct “asphalt” accounts which are really just another one of their slush funds which have nothing whatsoever to do with road and bridge maintenance.

Conroe, January 31 – On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, presented the first “Golden Hammer Award” for 2019. The presentation concerns the multi-million dollar Asph-Scam Scandal (Asph-Scam’s pronunciation is “AZ-fuh-skam”).

The presentation follows:

“The first Golden Hammer Award of calendar year 2019 goes to all four County Commissioners – Mike Meador, Charlie Riley, James Noack, and James Metts.

“Taxpayers have had enough. You tax us as much as you possibly can every year.

“When the appraisal district raises our property tax appraisals, you raise your spending to drink every drop of our blood in the form of taxes. At your slightest whim, you’ll spend $296,000 on political cronies when most Montgomery County citizens will never even spend that much money in their lives on their homes.

“One of the biggest problems comes from your phony budgeting for asphalt year after year. The Asph-Scam Scandal goes far beyond Commissioner Metts and his taking road and bridge money from East Montgomery County to use for salaries for his buddies.

“What the Scandal really involves is overtaxing which occurs every single year.

“In Fiscal Year 2018, in Precinct 4 alone, you taxed us $102,499 more for asphalt spending than you spent. We don’t yet have the audited financial statements for that year, so we don’t know the full amount.

In Fiscal Year 2017, however,

         Precinct 1 overtaxed us for asphalt $614,609;

         Precinct 2 overtaxed us for asphalt $196,461;

         Precinct 3 overtaxed us for asphalt $99,007;

         Precinct 4 overtaxed us for asphalt $462,038;

         The Total you overtaxed us for asphalt in Fiscal Year 2017 alone was $1,372,115!

In Fiscal Year 2016, you overtaxed us for asphalt $2,978,812.

In Fiscal Year 2015, you overtaxed us for asphalt $1,895,330.

That’s an incomplete listing of overtaxation of $6,644,756, in just three fiscal years.

That’s $6.64 million of overtaxation. These funds are real money that we, as citizens, work very hard to earn. These are funds you take from us by force. These are funds that you should handle as fiduciaries, not as children running through a toy store.

The Golden Sledgehammer makes the Golden Hammer look tiny.



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