Fire Marshal Williams, Commissioner Clark lead successful Tamina Community Safety Day

Firefighters install smoke detector in a home in the Tamina Community for Tamina Community Fire Safety Day, June 24, 2017.

Conroe, June 25 – Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams and Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark organized and led a successful Tamina Community Safety Day on Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the Tamina Community Park. A couple of hundred people attended the event which featured firefighters, First Responders, and emergency medical service workers who installed smoke detectors and other security apparatuses in homes in the troubled community.

“I’m happy the community came together after the terrible tragedy the Johnson family suffered,” Clark said, referring to when a fire roared through the Johnson family home on a Tamina Street named after the family on May 12, 2017. The fire claimed the lives of two young brothers and their sister as well as injuring seven other family members and law enforcement officers who tried to rescue the trapped children. “We’ve got to protect the lives of the citizens. I’m proud of our firefighters and first responders who protect us in Montgomery County.”

The event began promptly at 9 a.m. with the release of almost 100 white balloons from the Tamina Community Park, despite the roaring thunder in the background. Seeing so many people come together from outside of Tamina to show support for that community was truly inspirational. Between 75 and 100 firefighters, First Responders, and emergency medical service workers attended the event.

A prayer circle, which local clergy led, also began the event.

Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark.

Since the Tamina Community is in Commissioner Precinct 4, both Commissioner Clark and Montgomery County Hospital District Board member Bob Bagley, who represents Precinct 4 on the MCHD Board, attended the event. Both Clark and Bagley assisted with the installation of smoke detectors and security devices. There was a brief sighting of Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal who walked around the event quickly and shook hands with people before he left.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams stated, “National statistics show that just having a working smoke alarm in your home, cuts your risk of dying in a fire in half”. Smoke alarms should be placed in every bedroom or sleeping area, and in any hallway. To prevent nuisance alarms, smoke alarms should not be within 10 feet of a kitchen or any cooking appliances.  In a two story home, a smoke alarm should also be placed near the top of the stairway on the second floor. National statistics show that each year on average, more than 3000 lives are lost to fire in the United States, with another 15,000 left injured, with the vast majority of deaths and injuries occurring in home fires. Rental homes are required to be equipped with working smoke alarms in every bedroom and bedroom hallway. Under State Law, Landlords are required to provide working smoke alarms and tenants are responsible for replacing the batteries as needed and for notifying the landlord if they need replacement or repair.”

Since 1980, when the American Fire Service first began advocating for the placement of smoke alarms in homes, the number of homes equipped with at least one smoke alarm has steadily risen and 90% of homes today have at least one smoke alarm. While the number of homes equipped with smoke alarms has risen, those same statistics show that in 3 out of 10 of those homes, the smoke alarms will not function due to missing or dead batteries.

The Tamina community does not have sewer or water service. Most of the homes use wells and septic systems. Therefore, there was concern that the May 12 firefighters may have had a water problem when they responded to the Johnson family home fire. Both Williams and Clark have explained that tanker trucks appeared at the fire very rapidly so that a water shortage was not an problem in responding to the fire.




Montgomery County Hospital District Board member Bob Bagley (in white shirt) along with MCHD First Responders and EMS professionals at Tamina Community Park, June 24, 2017.





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