Hammer Policies

The Golden Hammer’s Writing Policy

We strive to avoid the passive voice. Few abuses of the English language disturb us more than pronomial adjectives without proper antecedents. We’ll refer usage issues to Strunk and White. For legal citations, we’ll follow the “Harvard Bluebook.”

The Golden Hammer’s Blog Policy.


The “comments” area at the end of each article exists for fruitful and rational discussion. People are welcome to engage in substantive discourse, criticism, compliments, or the asking of questions. No profanity, please.


Anonymous “hit” posts are not welcome. While you have a right to anonymous free speech under the First Amendment, a private newspaper has no duty to welcome anonymous posts. The experience of other newspapers has shown that anonymous discussion is often the least fruitful. Even when Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton engaged in anonymous speech about each other, the quality of their discourse rapidly descended into the gutter. Therefore, The Golden Hammer staff requests that readers post under their real names and attempt to maintain a high level of discourse.


Many of the matters we cover in this newspaper are quite serious. We request that the discourse through blog posts fit within those parameters, although friendly joking or criticism is always welcome.



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