EXTRA! EXTRA! BREAKING NEWS! Representative Metcalf issues response to article about his home appraisal!

Left to right: Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and State Representative Will Metcalf (R-Conroe).

Conroe and Montgomery, May 28 – State Representative Will Metcalf (R-Conroe) issued a statement in response to the article of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, this afternoon. The following is the statement in its entirety.

Press Statement from Representative Will Metcalf, May 28, 2017, 1:45 p.m.

“The Montgomery County Appraisal District assesses Rep. Will Metcalf’s property in the same way it does every other property in the county, using the Marshall and Swift appraisal practices, which is also used by other counties in Texas.

“The per square foot appraisal of his home is impacted by the overall size of his house, For example, the same type of construction with a smaller square footage would appraise at a higher per square foot price. Will Metcalf’s homestead is on 1.5 acres with a market value of $18,000. The market value for his improvements (5,482 sq ft) is $387,950, which is $70.76 per sq ft. The total market value is $405,950. There is also a homestead exemption on this property.

“The value of Will Metcalf’s land dedicated for agricultural use is impacted by the type of pasture, whether improved or unimproved. He has unimproved pasture, and someone with an improved pasture would have a higher value on their property. He has 30.21 acres of agricultural property with a market value of $362,520. There is an agricultural use exemption on this property, where he runs Brangus cattle, and the property’s assessed value/agricultural use is $1,720.

“Will Metcalf’s property values should be compared to other properties in the neighborhood and similar properties for a true comparison. For example, there are many building attributes, such as types and grades of building materials used, interior upgrades, pools, and out buildings, that are factored into the appraisal.

“Will Metcalf is currently attempting to sell his homestead and agricultural property at an asking price of $2,950,000. It is typical for the assessed value for tax purposes to differ from the eventual sales price, and even more so, the original asking price.”



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