Extra! Craig Doyal: Hammer of the Citizens (Malleus Ciues)

An angry and befuddled Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal (“Hammer of the Citizens”) clearly lost self-control and control of the Commissioners Court meeting on December 19, 2017.

Conroe, December 23 – Reagan William Reed, Montgomery County Republican Precinct Chairman, Empower Texans Correspondent, and one of the great citizen warriors fighting for less government spending and smaller government in Montgomery County, provided an amazing response to an article in today’s edition of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper. The article, which is the lead Featured article is “Montgomery County Judge Doyal losing self-control, control of Commissioners Court,” The Golden Hammer, December 23, 2017.

The article begins, “Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal lost his self-control and control of the Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. The meeting had a feel more of a public execution where gawkers and hooters voiced their pleasure at the blood and where Doyal, like Britain’s King Edward, was even less popular than the hero, William Wallace, who was the victim of the execution.”

Reed, a popular hero in Montgomery County who is fighting against the massive spending growth and corruption of the Montgomery County government provided two amazing comments on Facebook about today’s article:

“Love the comparison between Doyal and King Edward I ‘Longshanks.’ That’s one of my favorite periods in history. There really are a lot of similarities between the two in personalities, leadership styles, and political philosophy. If Doyal is Longshanks though, I guess that would make Mark Keough to be Robert Bruce! There are a lot of deep and interesting comparisons there too. Also, the ‘Contract with Montgomery County’ does bear a remarkable resemblance to the Declaration of Arbroath. March 6 will be our Bannockburn!”

Mark Keough, retired businessman, pastor, reform candidate for County Judge, State Representative, and author of the “Contract with Montgomery.” Is he the Robert Bruce of beleaguered Montgomery County citizens?

Reed added another comment, which is nothing short of amazing:

“Another interesting tidbit: The epithet ‘Malleus Scotorum’ is engraved on King Edward’s tomb, because he ‘hammered the Scots,’ just like Doyal ‘hammers the taxpayers.'”

Edward I (“Longshanks”) is buried in Westminster Abbey. The Latin inscription on his tomb reads, “Edwardus Primus Scottorum Malleus hic est, 1308. Pactum Servus.” (“Here is Edward I, Hammer of the Scots, 1308. Keep the Vow.”)

Wow. What a great point from Reagan William Reed!

The real name of the current Montgomery County Judge:

CRAIG DOYAL, MALLEUS CIUES. (“Craig Doyal, Hammer of the Citizens.”)



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