“EXPLETIVE Amazon” appears on Amazon package, reveals employee dissatisfaction with largest company over Chinese Coronavirus response

Amazon package with message from someone at a fulfillment center. The message, “–ck Amazon,” appears under the shipping label so it clearly originated at a fulfillment center of the company. The Golden Hammer marked out the first letters of the message to remove the profanity.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe and Humble, March 30 – Amazon may be the second largest company in the world in market capitalization and the third largest company in the world in revenue, but the giant online retailer appears to be first in employee dissatisfaction. A package delivered to a home in Conroe yesterday had a message “–ck Amazon” which someone had clearly written prior to the addition of the shipping label, as shown in the photograph above.

At least thirteen (13) different Amazon fulfillment centers across the United States have had employees who tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, or COVID-19. Employees in the fulfillment centers are outraged over the company’s slow response to protect them inside the giant warehouses, as the company continues to be a vital link to scarce products for the entire nation.

Some employees have expressed horror at the failure of Amazon to notify employees inside of fulfillment centers after one of their coworkers has tested positive for the illness.

“Wired” magazine reported, “Two workers at a warehouse in Michigan, where a case of coronavirus was confirmed earlier this week, told WIRED they found out through the grapevine, not via the company itself.”

BusinessInsider quoted an employee who said, “Amazon…was slow to respond, vague with the truth, and values dollars over lives.”

The Golden Hammer sent a reporter to chase down employees entering or leaving Amazon’s fulfillment center in Humble. Two employees spoke with this newspaper. “I don’t know what the company is thinking, but they’re surely not thinking about us,” a female employee told The Golden Hammer on the condition of anonymity. “I’m not going to risk my life for this job,” another employee, a male, told this newspaper, also on the condition of anonymity. “Once we have a positive test here, I’m out of here. I need this job, but I also need my life.”

Amazon has a reputation for providing challenging working conditions at its fulfillment centers, even without the invisible threat of the Chinese virus.

Perhaps, Amazon should consider whether it wants warehouse employees to continue sending messages to the outside world over the working conditions.

The company did not respond to requests for comment.



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