Exemplary young conservative makes big splash cleaning Lake Conroe mess

Thomas Martin, age 10, community leader and activist, conservative warrior, fighting for freedom and making Montgomery County a better place!

Geoffrey Litke, The Golden Hammer

Conroe, March 15 – Young Thomas Martin took the initiative to clean up his lake community. His actions comport with true conservative principles, a quest for a free society, and the heart of Americans who voluntarily want to make their community a better place for all to live and to enjoy.

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, Thomas and his father Scott Martin got in a boat and began the hard work of cleaning up trash on Lake Conroe. While many children’s passions revolve around the next video game, athletics, or just good old fashioned play, Thomas had a different desire. When asked about how he decided to take this important action, Thomas said, “I had been wanting to do it for like two, three years.”

What makes Thomas’ efforts so extraordinary is that he did not petition the government, hold fundraisers, or create an organization to seek funding; he just went and did it. At ten years old, young Martin possesses the kind of gumption which makes America great!

This young man did not merely complete a kid-sized job, but cleaned up a substantial amount of garbage. In all Thomas collected 148 empty bottles, a propane tank, a 55 gallon drum, 30-40 golf balls, a metal lawn chair, and a full bag of trash.

Thomas humbly said, “I picked up a lot of garbage on Lake Conroe.” When asked how he was able to accomplish so much, he went on to say, “Me and my daddy went on the boat and we picked up a lot of garbage in the coves and everything.”

Thomas’ parents and community ought to be both proud and grateful to have such a shining citizen as Thomas.

In all of the video footage showing Thomas and his father in action cleaning Lake Conroe, neither Jace Houston, General Manager of the San Jacinto River Authority, nor any of his employees were anywhere in sight. Likely, they were busy counting money as it flowed into the palatial offices of SJRA from monopolistic water sales.

An outpouring of appreciation from Lake Conroe residents and the Lake Conroe community met Thomas’ fine work, but when asked how the project made Thomas feel, he simply said, “Happy.”

Thomas Martin in action!



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