Entergy Recognizes Conroe ISD for Energy Savings

21st Century Euphemistic Royalty (l-r): Phil Lanier, Entergy; Ray Sanders, CISD Trustee; Amanda Cambre; Roger Garvey, CISD Energy Manager; Dwight Martin, CISD Assistant Maintenance and Custodial Director; David Rubalcava.

Conroe, January 31 – Entergy Texas recognized the Conroe Independent School District for assisting students in grades K through 12 to learn how to save energy and money. Phil Lanier, Entergy Texas’ energy efficiency program administrator stated, “The Entergy Texas Resource Management Program has the goal of teaching our customers to save energy and money, through no cost operational and behavioral adjustments while improving the learning environment.” Lanier’s statement is a classic example of 21st century speech that contains little more than meaningless euphemisms.

Lanier presented the Conroe ISD Board of Trustees with the Entergy Solutions 2015 Outstanding Resource Management Services Partner for Excellence in Energy and Resource Management Award, which suggests excellence in energy and resource management achieved through the District’s participation in the program.

Conroe ISD’s press release stated, “Energy Manager Roger Garvey and Dwight Martin, Assistant Director of the Maintenance and Custodial Department, participated in regular energy management strategy meetings…and carried out adjustments and behavioral changes recommended though the program to achieve a 3% target savings goal of 80,978,717 KWh.” It is unclear whether Garvey and Martin adjusted their own behavior, the behavior of other individuals, or the behavior of the school district as a whole. It is also entirely unclear what specific changes occurred in the operation of the Conroe ISD to cause positive results and possibly save the taxpayers much-needed funds.



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