Eleven Republican Precinct Chairs back Parker for Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner

Longtime Montgomery County political activist, education expert, and Republican Precinct Chair Ginger Russell has helped to energize the campaign of Gregory Parker for Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner.

Magnolia, May 12 – Eleven Republican Precinct Chairs have signed a letter endorsing Gregory Parker, the candidate for Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner, in the May 22 Republican Runoff Election. Parker, a United States Army veteran and noted conservative author, is challenging ultra-liberal, pro-government spending, pro-nepotism incumbent Charlie Riley. Riley only received 89 more votes than Parker out of more than 15,200 cast in the March 6 Republican Primary Election.

It’s particularly significant that Republican Precinct Chairs would endorse in this race at all. As the eleven describe in their letter, one of their primary concerns is Riley’s unwillingness to follow the tenets of the Republican Primary Platform. Riley has one of the worst voting records of the members of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, because he regularly votes for higher taxes, higher government spending, for tollroads, and against cost-saving measures.

Parker’s endorsement from Precinct 31 Chair Betty Anderson is particularly significant. Anderson is one of the longest serving Precinct Chairs and has a gigantic following of individuals who respect her and follow whom she endorses in political contests.

The full letter appears below.

Letter from 11 GOP Precinct Chairs in support of Greg Parker for Precinct 2 County Commissioner.



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