Education expert Russell aims her sights on Conroe ISD Board of Trustees, administration, for BrainPop, “social emotional learning” curricula

Education expert Ginger Russell gave a cold stare to the Conroe ISD Board of Trustees last night at their Regular Board meeting on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, May 19 – After focusing most of her efforts at curriculum reform within the troubled Magnolia Independent School District, renowed education expert Ginger Russell set her sights on reform of the Conroe Independent School District (CISD), the state’s twelfth largest school district, when she spoke to the CISD Board of Trustees on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Russell received thunderous applause from the room packed with audience members who anticipated her remarks.

CISD Board Trustee Dale Inman commented after the meeting, “I am very humbled to live in a community with such great liberty loving citizens. 20 some private citizens spoke passionately about keeping Marxist and anti America ideologies like ‘critical race theory’ out of school curriculum.”

Russell’s full speech follows:

“America’s founding principles and Judeo Christian Values are being undermined at every turn. Sadly our government-run public schools have the greatest opportunity and ability at indoctrinating and social engineering the next generation of our children. The new rage in our public schools is the Outcome Based Education philosophy of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

“SEL’s evil occultism roots come from the New Age, Fetzer Institute, whose mission is to help build on ‘Spiritual Foundation for a Loving World.’ This spiritual foundation is not built on Judeo Christian principles. Unfortunately, Conroe ISD has implemented this evil teaching philosophy of SEL, which works at changing a student’s attitudes, values, beliefs and behavior, rather than providing basic educational skills.

“Here is an example of how SEL works. On the online app, called Brain Pop, available to students is a lesson on Gay Pride 2020. Within their review quiz it asks, What is one way to be a good ally to one of your LGBTQ peers? The multiple choice answers were 1) Stand up for a Gay Classmate that is getting bullied 2) Participate in Pride Month Celebrations 3) Speak up about the importance of LGBTQ rights 4) All the above. The correct answer was 4. Does this not encourage Christian students to compromise their biblical values by asking them to promote LGBTQ rights and participate in their celebrations?

“The ideology behind SEL is Marxism promoting Social Justice, Racial Equity and Global Citizenship.

“What SEL ultimately does is remove the ugliness and shock of what God calls sin. When we allow our schools to indoctrinate our children by feeding them a world filled with tolerance and inclusion for things that go against our Judeo Christian beliefs and values, it will continue to change our nation to no longer see the world as God sees it and will surely bring judgement on our nation sooner rather than later.
“It is effectively teaching our kids that God’s laws are outdated and we need to change our beliefs that will codify and promote whatever the courts or social liberals say is legal. Surely we won’t stop here.
“What’s next, pedophilia, bestiality? While this may seem ludicrous today it will surely be normalized tomorrow by this type of indoctrination that has normalized unthinkable behavior in a vast majority of today’s graduates.
“Social and emotional learning should be done at home by parents that can choose to raise their kids based upon their own beliefs. It’s individualism, not the collective, that will save our Nation from becoming something borne out of Marxist philosophy that is all the rage today.
“Our Nation was founded on Christian principles by mostly Christian founders and it has been slowly eroding in recent decades, but now it’s falling off a cliff perpetuated in our government run ‘independent school system.'”
Ginger Russell at CISD’s Board meeting on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, with Turning Point USA President Konner Earnest (center) behind her.



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