Editorial: you should be happy to be one of Parker’s Vipers

Parker’s Vipers: Howdy! Ssssssss! We oppose tollroads without voter approve, higher property taxes, higher government spending, and government without a strong, enforceable Code of Ethics. We, Parker’s Vipers, support Gregory Parker to bring reform to the office of Precinct 2 County Commissioner. Ssssssss!

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

All citizens should be happy to be one of Gregory Parker’s Vipers.

The Charlie Riley campaign has lost its moorings. They’re more focused on bashing individuals who dare support noted conservative author and former Comal County Commissioner Gregory Parker for Precinct 2 County Commissioner than they’re willing to discuss issues.

Riley himself won’t communicate with the public at all. He wouldn’t appear during the Primary Election in candidate forums where he had to answer questions from the audience. His only candidate forums where Riley took questions were at the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce and one at Ellisor Elementary during both of which Riley cut off the moderator’s attempt to ask questions Riley didn’t want to answer. When asked to debate the Publisher of this newspaper on this issues, Riley ignored the invitation altogether, because Riley’s grasp of the County government and matters relating to it are minimal at best. (Riley even speculated during the Ellisor Elementary forum that membership in the Texas Association of Counties, a pro-spending lobbying organization, was mandatory!)

The recent political advertisement from the Charlie Riley campaign in which he made several crazy allegations about Parker and his opponents took the proverbial cake, however. Riley compared himself to Jesus Christ. Riley called Parker’s supporters a “brood of vipers.”

In Riley’s bizarro world, people who support reduced taxes, reduced government spending, oppose tollroads without voter approval, support ethics reform, or support the soft-spoke and always-prepared Parker are “vipers.” That’s a brood in which everyone should happily join.

For Riley, the focus of his electoral efforts is a demand for personal loyalty to him. Riley has drawn from the Davenport Ring handbook. The Davenport Ring is the group of corrupt politicians who follow the direction of disgraced political boss Marc Davenport. Riley was a member of the Davenport Ring until he fired Davenport after they got criminally indicted together in June, 2016. They are co-defendants still. In the world of the Davenport Ring, however, either you “roll” with them or they won’t even communicate with you. You’re persona non grata if you’re not undyingly loyal.

Riley attended the original meeting in Houston between Marc Davenport and Phonoscope’s Lee Cook that began the Phonscope fiber optics purchasing scandal in the Montgomery County government, another issue which Riley has refused to address during his re-election effort. Riley paid Davenport $5,000 for Davenport’s services that resulted in their criminal indictments together.

Today is the first day of Early Voting. It’s time for Parker’s Vipers to go to the polls and end the era of the Davenport Ring and its follower Charlie Riley once and for all.




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